over charging - not what I was promises online and I have a copy of the "chat"

  • 9 July 2023
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I am being charged much more than I was quoted . I have a hard copy of the “chat” and I was quoted a price that included all fees and taxes . Yet my bill is higher than that and they also said they waived the $35.00 set up fee...I have that all in the chat


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Is this your first bill? Usually the first bill is never the plan price.


I too have been overcharged by T-Mobile.  I was a Sprint Customer and I have always had the Unlimited Plan.  I have 4 Voice lines which should be included in my plan.  T-Mobile has been charging me for 2 of the 4 lines.  I have screenshots and a video of the Cost Detail T-Mobile page that indicates that all of my lines should be included in the plan.  Yet T-Mobile is charging me additional fees for 2 of my 4 lines.  I HAVE THE PROOF REGARDING MY PLAN which include screenshots and videos.

In addition, T-Mobile claims that I am eligible for Legacy Discounts, however they can remove these discounts at their discretion without any notice to customers so this is why my bill fluctuates even though I have an UNLIMITED PLAN!!!

I just signed up for new service back in July and have been overcharged the whole time. Nothing that they promised me is true. I was suppose to get 50% off a new phone with new service, but now T-Mobile says that promotion ended in April. Well I was promised it in July by Jazzy. I don’t trust any of these companies anymore.


File an FCC complaint. If enough of us do it they will have to do something about it.

I will do that.

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I wanna be over tires by T-Mobile for my home Internet even have documentation from what I said it up stating that it’s supposed to be $20 a month customer service tells me I have to go into a store so I can show them my documentation and my proof that I am getting from my online T-Mobile account. By the way I go in to the store. The representative literally says well. What do you want me to do about it really this is how you treat your customers I’ve been with T-Mobile for 15+ years, they’re overcharging me by $30 a month and they refuse to do anything about it even though I send them proof they’re like oh no no we never did that I have proof of you guys saying I signed up and this is what my charge is going to be every time I get a promotion through T-Mobile. This is what happens. Oh that promotion never existed  every time never fails. 


I have learned, albeit slowly, that one can never take a T-Mobile customer care agent at their word.  Please do not misunderstand me. Sometimes they do *exactly* what they say they will do. Other times, they don’t. Then there are those fuzzy gray areas in-between that can be a whole of fun too.  

I was told I was eligible for a targeted promo. A few days later I called customer care to get that promo, and I explicitly stated the promo code and what its benefit was. The customer care agent craftily gave me another far less beneficial promo without ever telling me I was not getting the promo I called for.  Dumb me. I didn’t realize what had happened.  By the time I did a day later, it took me weeks to undo the transaction that, if it had gone through, would have cost me $1,400 minimum.  Yikes!

Morale of the story: any financially significant T-Mobile transaction - especially one done over the phone with customer care - requires extreme vigilance. Some agent can be reading out terms and conditions in a fast monotone voice and it is easy to not follow what is happening.  A lot of people start head nodding when they really are not getting it all.

Legally, T-Mobile can rightfully say that the terms and conditions were read out to you and you agreed. Yes. All the read out terms and conditions and the customer’s agreement are recorded. Slam dunk case in favor of T-Mobile.

But there is another way to look at this.

The reality is that a lot of people really need a text copy - digital or hardcopy - that they can carefully read, perhaps two or three times, before agreeing to anything. In the future, I would try to have terms and conditions sent to me by text or email *before* agreeing to anything over the phone if enough money is involved. I also would ask them to call me back in in a few hours so I can really read the terms and conditions. For example, if you are looking for a promo, be sure that the terms and conditions reflect what you thought you would be getting.

This is not what I did, but some of you may learn from my mistake. 

I have also been overcharged! Not just on my first bill either! I believe it's time for us all to contact a lawyer!

I too have been overcharged and lied to since joining in January. T-Mobile made promises, in writing, and then took away the “phone on us” promotion the next month. I really want to get out of the T-Mobile merry go round but customer service will not tell me who to contact. I also want to return the phone, but after 3 months, what would be the options? I too will contact the fcc and hope eventually, T-Mobile will be held accountable. It’s very frustrating.