T-Mobil is scamming leaving customers for “final bill”

  • 1 February 2024
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I stayed with Tmobil for 25 months precisely. Made 25 payments. Ended my service with them on the last day of my billing cycle. Three days later my number was still not ported out so I called them again to ask why the number is not ported out. The customer service representative told me that the member is ported out and we are even in terms of bill and if there is any bill for these three days then it would be paid from the 19 dollars phone credit that I am suppose to be getting from them in October. Instead I was sent a bill for whole month. They give me a lot of contradictory statements. Line the bill is for the previous month, then said that it was for a returned payments and much more. I have no previous bills and no return payments. I’m planning to contact BBB and Attorney General office. Also had contacted a law firm to file a claim and also see if they would be interested in bringing a class action. 

4 replies

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If you on the last day for the billing cycle then you were in the middle of a use cycle before the next bill. 


For example my use cycle ends on the 9th but my bill is due on the 28 or 29th(I think it's on auto and money gets taken out that day) for that use cycle. 

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Did you make a payment when you first started? If not you're on a post paid plan and there's always one last payment after the billing date.


Ironically my start date with Tmobil and their billing cycle date was the same i.e August 21, 2021. So I paid my first bill on September 12, 2021 (18 days after the start of service for 30 days i.e. until September 21, 2021) and my 24th bill August 12, 2023 and my 25th bill September 21, 2023 (one week late as they had issue unlocking my phone and I canceled auto pay to make sure that they don’t charge me before resolving my issue.) I have all of the records of my payments in my Mobil banking app starting from August 21, 2021 till September 21, 2023. I remained with them for 25 months and I made 25 payments. They intentionally kept the line open and I got lucky that I noticed it within next 3 days and called them again inquiring why my lines are still open, they apologized and said that the numbers need to be ported out etc. and said that there will be no bill for these three days. Yet they sent me a bill for the whole month, and now saying that since I was 3 days into the month I have to pay the whole bill. My simple answer is I asked on the last day of my billing cycle to cancel my account. If you intentionally kept it open so you can squeeze some more $$$ from me then it is your mistake and I should not be paying for your mistake or fraud. 

Re: T Mobile Billing

We are overseas  after retirement which was advised to TMbolle when leaving. Still sending bills to the old address exposing PI.

In addition to that  we were startled with $94 worth of robo calls. We don’t make calls other than to SSA and Medicare at the beginning and then the 2 banks which my partner and I use. We are so diligent regarding knowing how expensive it is calling! 

After seeing Federal Consumer Bureau’s article about robo calls scamming I realized how true and when brought to attention ever since access denied and suspending our service so the excuse is not able to send the bill to another address in the US and asking us to pay first !


They profess that the international calls are going thru’ our phones, we had told them hacked many a time and asked whether it is then hacked. ( by all including employers etc ) When said it is the very reason consumer must be given the bills to check the numbers.  It is a nightmare.


We advised want to stop service and take care of one phone still  on the lease . That too they don’t want as this way they could scam! I am not even sure someone is using my line which was discontinued after all this and been with them for 20 years ! If found so illegal and explains why the bill is still Go Pro 55 when changed to single for my partner as on lease and it was quoted $104.25 which was not put in the system from 12/15. 

Only today properly Learnt susoend for $10 which means they took advantage of payments so far.