T Mobile prepaid account balance is too low

  • 10 March 2022
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Even after refilling the prepaid account multiple times and having enough balance in my account, I keep getting this warning that my account balance is too low. 

Tried to talk to 3 different customer service representatives but they all have different solutions none of which has worked. Any suggestions what can be done? I dont want to go on a call for troubleshooting again.

5 replies


Did you ever get this fixed.  I am in the same position it seems.


I am too getting same message was it resolved, Could you help me with solution


Mine got resolved when I put extra money $50 into the account balance.  It messed up again when money came out at my next due date.  Obviously something wrong with the way my account is set up but t mobile has not fixed it.

The website’s a mess, the App has NEVER worked.  I had enough in my prepaid until I got the notice that my account had been suspended because suddenly it was TEN CENTS short.  How or why that dime came out of my prepaid balance, I’ll never know.

Hi so I just encountered the same problem after switching my plan and was able to get it resolved with help from customer service (+1 8009378997). I’d break my process into 3 steps:

  1. Confirming the issue - able to message/call others and receive messages/calls from people in the U.S./wherever your plan is at?
  2. Restart phone - customer service ask me to restart my phone. I recommend trying this out prior to calling customer service as I restarted, problem not resolved, but they can’t call me back cause my number is still unreachable. So I have to call them back and wait in line again.
  3. Customer service asked me to reset my network while they monitor/fix things on the backend. It works! Problem resolved!

Hope this helps!