Urgent: Billing Discrepancies and Miscommunication Issue

  • 12 September 2023
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Dear T-Mobile Customer Service Team,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to address a significant issue regarding my recent experiences with T-Mobile, which have left me deeply frustrated and dissatisfied as a customer.

Over the past month, I have reached out to T-Mobile more than 60 times to resolve various issues related to my account. One of the primary concerns I wish to bring to your attention is the unexpected prorated charges that have been applied to my account without prior notice or proper explanation.

Each time I contacted T-Mobile to inquire about adding new lines to my account, your customer service representatives assured me that there would be no charges associated with these additions. I trusted these assurances and proceeded to add the lines. To my shock, I recently discovered that my bill includes prorated charges amounting to $222, which were never mentioned during these interactions.

Had I been informed of these charges upfront, I would have made an informed decision and avoided adding the lines in question. As a student on a tight budget, such unexpected charges have a significant impact on my finances.

Furthermore, I have been billed $66.17 for home internet service, which, according to the information I received in-store, was supposed to be free. This discrepancy between what I was told and what I am being charged adds to my frustration and disappointment with T-Mobile's services.

I have attempted to address these issues with your customer service representatives, but my concerns have often been met with indifference, as they have raised the issues only to close them without thoroughly investigating or resolving them. This lack of responsiveness has left me feeling ignored and helpless as a customer.

I kindly request that you take immediate action to rectify these matters:

  1. Remove the $222 prorated charges from my account, as these were never disclosed to me prior to adding the new lines.
  2. Correct the $66.17 charge for home internet, ensuring that it accurately reflects the information provided to me in-store.
  3. Investigate the actions of the employees who assured me there would be no charges for adding new lines and take appropriate disciplinary action to prevent this from happening to other customers.

I am willing to pay any legitimate charges related to my usage, but I firmly believe that I should not be held responsible for charges that were not disclosed to me in advance and that were contrary to the information provided by your representatives.

I trust that T-Mobile takes its commitment to customer satisfaction seriously and will take prompt and decisive action to resolve these issues. I look forward to a swift resolution of this matter and a more transparent and customer-focused experience moving forward.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

1 reply

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This is basically a user to user forum with some Tmobile moderation that don't have account access.

Your best bet is to use messenger on one of Tmobile’s social media platforms like Facebook or X.