At Home Internet Scam

  • 21 March 2023
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I am in an area between the country and town. I needed to get home internet regardless because I go to school online. It works ok but my phone and service are still so slow. I SPECIFICALLY asked the agent would the internet service be strong enough to work from home. She said yes. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Come to find out the speeds are sssslllllooooowwwww. Now that I have to work from home, I go to do a test for my hopeful at home job, and the speeds dont even run above 10 on download, and 1.0 for upload. That’s right! It does not go above 1.0 on uploads. So I called. The first representative stated that I should just go with another internet carrier…..WHAT???? So I lost it and requested a supervisor. He was the ONLY, and I do mean the ONLY truthful person this whole time. He said the tower is 4 miles away and they should never have told me that I would be able to benefit off of getting internet because on his end, THEY DONT HAVE INTERNET SERVICE FOR ME IN MY AREA. 

So if he could see that then I know the woman who started me up with my service could too. So she made her job such a delight in lying to me. So now that I am having to work from home I cannot, at this very moment, afford to switch services. The supervisor is doing his best to try to help me by the end of this week before I lose my job opportunity. If he cant all he can do is give me a refund. 

He is doing his job to the best of his ability. But I am very very very unsatisfied and feel that if they cannot provide my service that a refund is not enough. Your agents, every time I called in, said I have service. Except the supervisor. I was duped into buying home internet and have lost valuable time trying to get it to work and now have to find a different way for making money by working from home. But cannot because they lied about me having service to have internet out here. It comes out far enough to stream a movie…..but I can’t work from home. This is very unacceptable. The lies to make a buck off of people trying to make it through life. If T-Mobile cannot fix this lie and issue, I will be finding a better, more trustworthy service. And my reviews will be heavy. 

1 reply


They did the same to me.  I had good internet for 6 months.  Then 1mbps.  Called over and over again, the techs would tell me to wait a couple of weeks.  6 weeks nothing changed.  They say its not in my area basically the tower was full and I got booted???  They just kept lying.  They are selling spots on a tower to new customers and booting off others.  Basically selling realestate to people and never building anything, while runninh off with their money.  This is Fraud.  But then they will tell you they dont have a contract so they dont have to do anything...Dirt bags