Can't make or receive calls to other numbers on my account

  • 9 February 2023
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We have 4 phones on our account and 3 of them, as of the same time today, cannot make phone calls to or receive phone calls from each other.  The call will ring once and go straight to voicemail. We can make calls to and receive calls from the 4th phone on the account as well as other phones not on our account. 


This is not the first time this has happened, but last time it resolved within a few hours. This time it has been almost 12 hours. I went to a local store the last time it happened and they had no idea how to fix, suggested I call TMobile.  The issue resolved so I never did call, but it is back now. 


Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to fix?  This is not a new account, it is over a year old., No recent upgrades, we all have Samsung Galaxy S22s.

4 replies

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Have you tried powering off the devices experiencing issues for at least 5 minutes each to allow them to refresh their connection to the T-Mobile network?

I paid for unlimited text unlimited calling and data I can’t make calls and I can’t even make any calls to call customer ser

As soon as I get back to the United States am switching to another carrier I can’t even call to to pay my bills which is due in two days this is very frustrating 

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Have you tried logging into your account to pay your bill that way?  You can also see if the chat is available while you are logged in or you can reach out to T-Mobile via direct message on Facebook or Twitter to make sure roaming is enabled on your account and for further troubleshooting.