Can't make or receive calls to other numbers on my account

  • 9 February 2023
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We have 4 phones on our account and 3 of them, as of the same time today, cannot make phone calls to or receive phone calls from each other.  The call will ring once and go straight to voicemail. We can make calls to and receive calls from the 4th phone on the account as well as other phones not on our account. 


This is not the first time this has happened, but last time it resolved within a few hours. This time it has been almost 12 hours. I went to a local store the last time it happened and they had no idea how to fix, suggested I call TMobile.  The issue resolved so I never did call, but it is back now. 


Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas how to fix?  This is not a new account, it is over a year old., No recent upgrades, we all have Samsung Galaxy S22s.

14 replies

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Have you tried powering off the devices experiencing issues for at least 5 minutes each to allow them to refresh their connection to the T-Mobile network?

I paid for unlimited text unlimited calling and data I can’t make calls and I can’t even make any calls to call customer ser

As soon as I get back to the United States am switching to another carrier I can’t even call to to pay my bills which is due in two days this is very frustrating 

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Have you tried logging into your account to pay your bill that way?  You can also see if the chat is available while you are logged in or you can reach out to T-Mobile via direct message on Facebook or Twitter to make sure roaming is enabled on your account and for further troubleshooting.

We have been having this same problem on our account, on and off, for more than a year. 

Let’s be clear; this is not a device problem nor is it a roaming issue. I have the most problems getting these calls when home in my apartment, which is most definitely in-network on the maps, as is my sister’s house a few minutes away. There are 4 phone lines on our account, and at times none of them can call one another without it going straight to voicemail and immediately appearing as a missed call on the receivers phone - when said receiving phone never ran - but calls from other cell phones or landlines ring the phones normally.

And between those 4 lines we have two Pixel 6’s, two Samsung A32s (one of which was broken and replaced by protection plan last fall) and a Galaxy S10e. Whatever is causing this is not going to be fixed with standard device troubleshooting steps. Our account also isn’t really new. We were with Sprint for years and were transitioned to the T-Mobile side of billing and account-management about 2 years ago now.

Every indication is that, for reasons I can’t fathom, this is an account/network problem. And this problem got a lot worse at the end of 2023 - been basically a weekly occurrence since last October.

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and only happens while inside or does this happen while outside as well?

Yes, as best I can tell this has only happened when we’re calling one another from our respective homes. Though I can’t think of a reason why landline calls would come through just fine, to our cell phones in our homes, but cell calls from others on our account do not go through. And yes, in the exact same time we’re having these weird down periods, I have been able to make calls to other numbers just fine, it’s only calls to family members that don’t go through properly. 

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while connected to wifi/wifi calling or just normal mobile calls?

I turned off Wifi Calling settings as a potential fix months ago and it didn’t change anything - I never turned it back on, so mine are strictly normal mobile. I think my sister still has hers turned on, no idea whether my son or his fiancé have that setting turned on. 

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but all of you are in different homes correct? not all on the same tower when this is happening?

I had the same problem. After 4 days working with a T Mobile rep to no avail, I finally realized I had downloaded Scam Shield ( a T Mobile app), and inadvertently blocked the number. If you have this app, it’s worth a shot to see if it is blocked there.

I have the same problem, I can’t call my own mother.  My mother’s service is with another company and I have been calling her for years, all of a sudden this week I call her and her phone goes straight to voicemail. It’s very frustrating. I called t-mobile customer service and after holding on for 40 minutes I had to hang up.  I powered my phone off, I restarted it, I took my mom’s name out and added another name with the same number but to no avail it still goes to voicemail.  What is the fix? What is happening here? 

I have the T Mobile Scam Shield app on my phone. I found out it was inadvertently blocking my wife’s phone number for some reason. So I unblocked her number and everything is fine again. Hope this helps.

Was this fixed? I can’t make calls from my home.