computer not recognizing TMobile internet for wifi connection

  • 17 June 2023
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I have an HP laptop and it doesn't recognize my Tmobile internet connection. I've tried several fixes, even manually connecting. Every other device; smart tv's, cell phones, tablets, etc have no trouble connecting. 

4 replies

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Log into the gateway using the apo.  Separate the WiFi into 2.4GHz and 5GHz.  This should make it easier for any devices having trouble connection to connect.  Is your WiFi turned on for the PC?  Is the WiFi adapter driver up to date?

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Some devices cannot see or connect to the gateway’s default network.  You want to leave this network alone and ADD a second network with the + sign at the bottom of the Network tab in the T-Mobile Internet app.  For this new network, set the band to 2.4 GHz and set the WPA version to WPA/WPA2.  Try connecting your laptop to this second network.  Use the default network for your other devices, as much as possible.

Here are the T-Mobile support instructions for how to add the second network with the app.

Android  How to create additional Wi-Fi networks | T-Mobile Internet app | Android | T-Mobile Support

iOS  How to create additional Wi-Fi networks | T-Mobile Internet app | iOS | T-Mobile Support


This adding a 2.4Ghz network did not fix my 2009 MacBook Pro not being able to connect because it's prompted to ask for a username in the sign in window. It doesn't help with my Lenovo not even seeing the network. TV, phones, tablet, wife's work laptop, guest's laptops work. T-Mobile has made zero progress in figuring out the problem, and not even communicating with me about the open tickets.

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If that laptop is too old to support security newer than WEP.  That could be the issue.  If it supports at least WPA, make sure the encryption is set to AES.  Not Both and not TKIP