internet service

  • 1 December 2023
  • 3 replies


Why in the bloody hell does my internet service go off line all the time?

I'm just about ready to send this crap back!!!

3 replies

I am having the same issues with my home internet!!!!

so tired of having all the issues I've had with so  called high speed 5G I've had issues with it ever since I switched over. I am actively searching for a new provider.

My home internet keeps going back to 4G in the last month. Can  not get %g connection even though i have excellent coverage. Talked to support every week for a month and they reset the system and it works for a week and then back to 4G again. I hate to have to revert back to cable again but T-Mo ile is forcing me.  Noone can provide me with an answer why this problem is ongoing after having excellent 5g tyroughput for the previous 8 months.


Support personnel tell me to be happy with 4G but I am not.