magenta 55 max 55 in canada


I am traveling to Canada a few times this year.  Will my iphone automatically work?

when I check the coverage tool, it says “Sorry, we may not have coverage there yet, or please try entering a country name.” 

I have Magenta Max 55+ 

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It should, depending on what parts of Canada you are visiting.  You need to double check that roaming is enabled on your lines and make sure roaming is turned on for each device traveling up to Canada.  Service in the Northwest, Yukon, and Nunavut Territories in very northern Canada have very limit service on regional carriers and might not be included.  If the Bell/Telus network has coverage where you are traveling to.  Your devices should have coverage as long as they have the bands used for service in those areas.  

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Much of Canada does appear to have coverage (use the generic coverage map)

Looking at areas (and from some past experience) - Rogers roaming may be difficult.  Bell/Telus is the default.