Mobile Game stuck at loading screen 34%

  • 17 March 2023
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Help!? So I just switched from MetroPCS to T-Mobile, also got a new phone, Samsung s23 ultra. When I was on MetroPCS I played the game Marvel Strike Force all the time over mobile data. Now since I've switched to T-Mobile it freezes at the loading screen. Almost as if I have a bad connection.  So I downloaded a speed test app,  over Mobile data lol,  and tested my speed. It worked fine 600Mbps download 40Mbps upload. So I thought maybe it was the phone so I tried connecting to my home wifi, but as soon as I did the game loaded right up. So if anyone knows what it could be or how I could fix this please help! 🙏 

P.S. I have tried  Force closing, clearing cache/data, Uninstalling/reinstalling, resetting network connections, turning phone on and off, ect. Pretty much all the basic troubleshooting I've tried. Whatever is going on is something I've never encountered before. I have read that maybe it has something to do with the game sending to many data packets and the connection timing out? If anyone knows anything about that or if I'm completely off track and you can help I'd really appreciate it because I'm baffled!

1 reply

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Did you use Smart Switch when setting up your s23 Ultra?