No voice service: Temporarily turned off by your carrier

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for anyone that brought a phone with them to TMO ...have you checked the APN settings to see if theyre needing changed around or not?


also if you have access to another phone on TMO try putting your sim card into that phone instead and see if the problem follows or if the sim works fine in the second device..if it works fine then its something going on with the phone itself..if the problem happens with the new phone as well then the issue might be the sim card itself..

My wife is has been seeing this for a while. And only told me about this particular error today. It’s a Moto G stylus 2021, unlocked from Amazon. She’s had coverage issues since day 1, but this is relatively new.

I have had the same problem for the last 2 months. Ever since I switched to T-Mobile. I have a Motorola Moto g stylus phone brand new.

I have a similar problem, but only happens when trying to Wifi call in T mobile dead zones. I can make a call, people can hear me but I cannot hear them. Text and data work fine. WiFi calling enabled. Once I get T mobile service it works fine. Am using a Motorola G100.