People calling me get a busy signal

The majority of the people calling me get a busy signal even when I'm not on the phone.


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Well that is incredibly strange! Do you happen to notice how many bars of signal your phone shows when this happens? Does this tend to happen more frequently when you are in a specific area?

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Hey, @daddyo1425​!

I have to agree with Chris - this is super strange! What type of phone are you using? Does location matter? As Chris asked, when this happens how many bars of signal do you have? Lastly, have you talked with Tech Support regarding this yet?

Thank you for your responses.

This happened at home office in an excellent signal area and on WI-Fi calling.  Using a ZTE.  Discussed this issue with tech. several times.  Finally received an answer that seems to be working.  Will get back if not.  Apparently, having my Connection preferences setting to Wi-Fi preferred was (maybe) causing this situation.  Tech asked me to place setting on Cellular preferred which uses Cellular Network for calls.  If Cellular unavailable, use Wi-Fi.  Makes sense, I guess, since I am in a very strong signal area.  However, my Wi-Fi signal was also strong, so I do not know why that would cause a busy signal for callers.  In any event, calls seem to be going to voicemail now when I am unable to answer instead of a busy signal.

On my android:

Go to: Settings>More>Wi-Fi Calling>Cellular preferred

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That is good to hear! Please do let us know if the situation changes.


I am having same issue and took my phone off wifi calling like you did months ago. Still getting message on my work phone from my neurologist, my doctor's office, my bank all saying they have tried to call me all day but just get a busy signal. How many other people have tried to call me just to get same that I don't know about. I own a company.

I need these calls to come through or be able to leave a message.

I have a Samsung Galaxy 8plus, I never had this issue with Verizon, ever. I want to stay with T-mobile but I am getting a feeling this is something with the network.

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Hey @magenta5655286 

Is this happening with 100% of your calls or just certain callers?


To my knowledge, it is not happening when someone is calling from another cell phone, every time someone has told me it has been from landlines. Yesterday my doctor's office tried to call multiple times just to get a busy signal, they finally called my office phone and left a message, thank goodness. So I have no idea what I am missing.

My husband, who is on T-mobile, does not get half my text messages, I get all of his, but about 1/3 of mine don't go through to him. This has been very frustrating because I don't know what he has not received.

I work from home so I am in the same location all day every day. No signal problems.

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Thanks for clarifying. In this situation, we will need you to gather a few examples of this happening that are less than 24 hours old. Once you have these examples (date/time/number that called you) please contact us so our tech care teams can gather that info and open up a support ticket for you.


My doctor office stated again that they tried to get a hold of me for a week with nothing getting through and then it did. I don't know what else I can provide because someone has to tell me that they have tried to call and can't get through.

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I am so sorry you are still having this issue @magenta5655286​. Did you get a chance to contact our over the phone tech support folks to get that support ticket opened? 

I am having the same issue. Everytime the person tries to call me it would ring one time then say ”this line is busy” and the phone hangs up. I use to receive call from the person but now I cant.

This is happening to me as well.  I hve tried all of the recommendations and the T-mobile tech, who was great, couldn't figure it out.  Landlines do not call in from many different companies and geographic locations.

I have been having connection problems for almost a year. It's intermittent. People calling me get a busy signal when I'm not even on the phone. I run a business on my phone,  so unfortunately after many years with Tmobile,  I may have to change carriers. Who knows how many thousands of $ lost business in the past year. Awful!

I am having this same problem with a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.  Anyone that has an ATT phone who calls me gets a busy signal even though I am not on the phone.  I can call them back fine but when they call me its always a busy tone.  I checked all my phone settings and all are good just cant seem to fix the problem.  its getting frustrating, perhaps I may need to switch carriers to resolve this issue.

Same thing with me and I also have a Galaxy S8. Since the last few updates my phone has not been working properly. Just recently I've learned that parents have been trying to call me for days and they've been getting a busy signal. I am able to call whomever but not receiving calls is not acceptable right now. I have some sick family so my parents not being able to contact me is pushing me toward another carrier.

I found out what the problem is.  I went to the T-mobile store to see what they can check out for me and apparently what is causing this issue is the SPAM blocker set on the account.  I don't know how it got on there but in order for you to remove it, you will have to go into the T-mobile store or call them to remove that feature from your phone number and any other phone number on the account.  After 30 mins from them removing this, I can now recieve calls from everyone from AT&T and other carriers.  Hope this helps.

1st check call blocking to make sure the phone number(s) aren't listed. Go to Phone app, Settings, block numbers. Mine wasn't listed though i added the number left it for awhile then removed it from that list. Unfortunately that did not work.

My mom has been having the same trouble with her Samsung Galaxy S8+ for about a year. Some people, her sister and another daughter just to name 2, would always get a busy signal when calling her. I noticed that when I went into her T-Mobile phone app and went to line details, above the Scam ID option was a Scam Block" option as well. My Samsung Galaxy S9+ on the same account didn't have the Scam Block option. I did some researching on the internet and found that if you type #632# into your phone's dialer and hit the green button, it will turn this Scam Block off and the callers are then able to call in without getting a busy signal. So for further understanding, #662# turns Scam Block on and #632# turns Scam Block off. This does not affect the Scam ID option.

(Note: I do believe both my sister and my aunt are both on AT&T, if that matters to those trying to troubleshoot this problem.)

Hope this helps.

@magenta6928175​, no need to go into the store. This is something you can do yourself. 😊

This is a common and very vexing issue. After much troubleshooting I figured out that it was the Tmobile NameID spam blocking service. I disabled that and the problem magically went away, after trying virtually everything else (to include SIM swapping to other phones).

Turn that off, and perhaps DIGITS as well, and you should be golden.

This was very helpful, enabled me to find my problem.  The Tmobile ap had inadvertently turned on the scam blocker which blocked all of my calls EXCEPT spam calls. The Tmobile Tech was not able to identify the problem. Go to your account on Tmobile ap, more (bottom right), profile settings, Blocking, Scam block, turn it off.

This seems to be a rather common problem, Tmobile should fix the ap.


I am having the same issue as some of the people above.   When someone from a company calls me, they get a busy signal. I cant supply the rep with a phone number because the company has multiple land line numbers. It would also be a bit tedious to try an obtain all the effected numbers to give to Tmobile.  (Google Pixel 2)

I have exhausted all trouble shooting methods such as:
turning off the phone

factory reset (which I will not do again)

phone reset (under my phone option) 

test inbound calls from multiple people in the same area code (I can get their calls)

total clear out of any / all blocked numbers

Checking signal bars when I was told the caller could not reach me (its 3-4)

Change physical location (did nothing)

Advised company of faulty land line equipment and / or  other equipment. Was advised by company that other people in the same area code are able to receive their calls (but not me)

  • contacted Tmobile tech support with days / times callers reached a busy signal. Did some minor trouble shooting with over the phohe rep , but problem still persists


If anyone out there has had a exact / similar issue and was able to resolve it, post your solution here.

I am having the same problem.  People are having to email me and ask me to call them because my phone is giving them a busy signal.


My doctor couldn’t get ahold of me!


Something going on with TMobile.  Not my phone (iphone 11).

if i call my own cell phone number from my work phone, it will ring and ring, then will eventually go to busy signal. The same thing will happen (it will go to a busy signal) if i decline the call. What the heck is this? I pay for phone service, yet i get no service. I have constant missed phone calls, and my phone never vibrates or rings. This is the most pathetic phone carrier I've had. You definitely pay for what you get.

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does it happen everywhere you go or just while at work?

At work, or at home, etc. I’ve had it show a particular phone number called me 32 times. They said they called 3 times and explained the problem when dialing it wouldn’t go through at first, then again it just hung up on them, then 3rd time it went through but never came to a voicemail prompt.