Phone call sounds garbled and robotic

  • 14 December 2017
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Every so often, maybe about once or twice a week, I will encounter this problem where I will make or receive a phone call and the call will sound garbled in general, but voices will sound robotic and unclear. Even the dial tone is garbled. This has happened while calling other mobile phones as well as calling a landline. Every time it has happened, I have been in an area with good coverage, normally full coverage or near-full coverage. If I am streaming music prior to the call, it will be choppy and have streaming issues when I end the call. The only method I have found to resolve it is to restart my phone, which is not an ideal experience.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I never experienced this when I was previously on the AT&T network and I'm concluding it is probably a network issue rather than a device issue, however I haven't ruled out either as a possibility. My device is a Moto G4 Play, which hasn't had any problems since I got it.


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31 replies

There are no metal roofs or buildings, the problem exits in my back yard, front yard, driveway, near my house and in the house, except when I have WiFi connected to my phone. WiFi does not reach outside the house. I am paying T mob every month for a very poor reception. I pay separately for my internet (WiFi access. My neighborhood is low income, but wealthy enough to have cellphones. We are in Saint Paul, the capital of MN. I am guessing the problem is too many people on too few cell towers.

I just had this happen to me and I thought my husband was playing with a voice changer! He said he heard my voice slow down like a monster growl when I answered the phone and I heard his speed up like a chipmunk little girl’s voice. The only thing I can suspect is government eavesdropping?



I am having this issue constantly! I thought it was my AirPods and replaced those twice.  Then I thought it was my phone, so replaced that with the newest IPhone 15 max.  Now it is worse! It’s definitely the service!  Please help!! T mobile needs to fix this because it seems to be a major issue for everyone and has been going on for years.  I use my phone on Bluetooth with AirPods for work and can’t not use them.  Turning off Bluetooth should not be the solution.   

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i cant say that i have had this pop up for me..calls are always crystal clear for me unless im in a area that is lacking signal..only time i’ll see an issue but i already know i’ll more than likely have an issue there anyways.

Someone already mentioned the possible solution that worked for me. Even though this thread is old it may be still useful. Turn airplane mode off and on. Did it for more strange choppiness.