pin required after restarts. locked out. 6 digit code I have in notes don't work. No phone to call, resorting to email. p,ease help

  • 2 April 2024
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Locked out of my only phone after restart ...No phone now....6 digit code I have in notes don't work. No phone to call you. I do have internet and phone service with T-Mobile.. Trying to contact T-mobile to get help. Resorting to communication via email with you to get phone unlocked. Please respond as soon as possible. I have no phone s now and need to use it. Thank you. 

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T-Mobile does not have Customer Service via e-mail.  You could always take it to your local T-Mobile store for help right away.  The PIN the device is asking for is more than likely one you setup on your device.  T-Mobile can't magically unlock your phone if it us asking for a PIN you created.  

Although doubtful, devices do not SIM lock after a restart unless the SIM unlock was temporary or if the iPhone was jailbroken and the exploit was patched in an update.  If you are trying to use the device with a non-T-Mobile SIM, you need to be a T-Mobile USA customer and the device and your account must meet all of the SIM Unlock Policy requirements.  However, this would not require a code as T-Mobile uses an unlocking app to SIM unlock devices.