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  • 22 September 2022
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Good afternoon, to whom it may concern.  Please review my account and see how many years I have trusted Tmobile.  I am sad to say that your coverage has become extremely poor over the past months in the Polk County area. I currently live in Winter Haven, but all 4 lines in my account expend the majority of the time among different area or cities within Polk County, Florida such as Haines City,  Lake Alfred, and Lakeland. Our devices are not crashing they operate well, but the cellular data service and speed is very poor. Please follow up to this matter. We are not interested in new devices. We are more interested in quality service. Thank you. Please reply.

4 replies

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you will need to contact TMO either by calling in or through one of their social media platforms. the site has an admin and a handful of moderators but they are here to keep the site in order only..they are unable to assist.

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….... We are not interested in new devices. We are more interested in quality service. Thank you. Please reply.

As @fireguy_6364 says, this is a community forum rather than a customer service portal. We don’t have access to your account.

What you wrote above makes me suspect that you may be running older devices. Unfortunately, mobile phones are not like automobiles, where, provided you do the maintenance, you can continue to operate  a model that is 30 or 50 years old. With mobile phones in general (and T-Mobile in particular) a mobile phone is pretty much obsolete at 5 years of age.

This is because the constant demands for increasing data speeds has necessitated rapid technological progress. Legacy technologies are not compatible with the new standards. T-Mobile does not have excess RF bandwidth to dedicate to 2G & 3G signals. Everything is going to 4G LTE and 5G NR. T-Mobile is not alone in this. AT&T pulled the plug on 2G & 3G and Verizon no longer activates CDMA devices and threatens to 86 CDMA any day.

Perhaps if you told us what devices you are running, we could offer some suggestions. 


i live in queen creek AZ- one of the fastest growing areas in the US but my cell phone sometimes has ZERO bars in my home and back yard. 1 bar when i’m lucky most of the time. patchy LTE if i try to use my phone as a hot spot when wi-fi goes down - my question is when will coverage be available and reliable enough to work from home… wi-fi on T-mobile is not available here so streaming tv is out pf the question. i like T-mobile but i may need to switch for better service - we have Iphone 12 pro max - not junk

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I find 5G spotty in the greater Phoenix area.  At work near Sky Harbor I get about 300 mbs download speeds. At home in Chandler I need to use my wifi.

Right now I'm in Chandler at Arizona and Ocotillo and I'm getting over 500mbs download with a Pixel 6.

I haven't been to Queen Creek since July but I was able to get decent speeds , nothing grea around the Barrio Queen area.