Registering a 3rd party cell signal booster


I work a lot out of my van and there are times where the cell signal is very weak and I can’t use my mobile cell phone hotspot. I have purchased a 3rd party cell signal booster to help resolve this issure. However, now my problem is how do I register it with T-Mobile. I have tried their signal booster register page and it does not work. I have call customer service and they can not access the registration page either. So how do I register it?   Help please!

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Sadly, many of the boosters are being somewhat ‘banned’ with FCC regulations, ‘unless’ you register it with the carrier, and they allow it, as you have mentioned.

Looks like the only way is through 1-800-t-mobile.


Looks like they don’t even sell their own model anymore

“Signal boosters are discontinued and no longer available for purchase. If you want help with signal booster setup or connection issues, we have you covered.”


You must work for T-Mobile,  I have call customer service and they can not access the registration page either. (in the original message)

Cell boosters are not being eliminated by the FCC!

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Oh h3ll, no.  I’d T-Mobile would rather I leave to another carrier.  I annoy them too often because of my reporting of their false coverage maps and sites that are down.

File a BBB complaint that they aren’t honoring their own site’s information, and their site is in disrepair.  They’ll contact you quickly.

I've had the same problem. I was told to try again a few days later and nothing is working. They want me to call them but I can’t because my one and only phone doesn’t work from my home because the network is awful at my house. Hoping to see someone share a solution.