Status of a temporary tower - when will it move?

  • 8 December 2023
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I live behind Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. Since last year (November 2022) T-Mobile erected a temporary cell tower because the permanent tower they had on another location on the high school campus had to be moved due to the expansion of the football field. A new, permanent tower was built and completed this past July. I was told by the school district’s director of facilities that this temporary tower would be removed because T-Mobile would begin using the new permanent tower. It is now December, and it has not moved. There is cell phone equipment on this new permanent tower, but it might belong to AT&T. I was told this new permanent tower would be shared between the two carriers.

I cannot find anyone at T-Mobile to call or help direct me to a person who oversees cell towers. The school district is either not getting the correct info or I’m getting the royal run around.

I want this temporary tower gone. PLEASE HELP.


1 reply

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if its on the schools property they would have some kind of contact info for them.



the site here is primarily peer to peer one in here would be able to help with this.