T-Mobile Fails to Deliver on Promised Cell Site Improvement in Newbury Park, CA

  • 8 December 2023
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I'm writing to express my extreme disappointment with T-Mobile's failure to deliver on their promises regarding improved cell service in my area.

Promises, Promises:

  • In February 2023, I was informed that a new cell site was scheduled to be deployed to specifically address the poor coverage issues in my neighborhood.
  • However, when I contacted T-Mobile in May 2023, I was given no clear explanation for the delay and no new estimated timeframe for completion.
  • Instead, they offered me a free CellSpot device, which I declined as it wouldn't solve the broader coverage problem outside my home.

Unacceptable Transparency:

  • Additionally, T-Mobile has been incredibly secretive about the location of the new cell site. I believe customers have a right to know where infrastructure projects are planned, especially when they directly impact the quality of service we receive.
  • This lack of transparency further undermines T-Mobile's credibility and erodes customer trust.

Disrupted Communication and Empty Offers:

  • The poor coverage has significantly impacted my ability to use my phone for basic tasks like making phone calls. This has been incredibly frustrating and disruptive, especially in a time when reliable communication is essential.
  • T-Mobile's proposed solutions, like the CellSpot device, do not address the root cause of the problem and feel like mere band-aids on a larger issue.

Consequences and Next Steps:

This experience has left me feeling disillusioned and undervalued as a customer. T-Mobile's failure to deliver on their promises has forced me to consider switching to a provider that can offer the reliable service I expect.

I urge T-Mobile to take immediate action to address these issues:

  • Provide a clear timeline for the completion of the new cell site project and be transparent about its location.
  • Offer meaningful solutions to customers impacted by the poor coverage, not just temporary fixes.
  • Improve communication and transparency to rebuild customer trust.

Until T-Mobile takes these steps, I cannot recommend them as a mobile service provider. I am sharing my experience to warn other potential customers about the unreliable service and empty promises they may encounter.

9 replies

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Not a whole lot you can do besides the following:

  1.  Write to the BBB (bbb.org) with your complaint in writing.  Prepare up what you have done.  T-Mobile will call you.
  2. Write to the CPUC and contact Dr. Douglas Sicker (LinkedIn) - he is the compliance officer handling T-Mobile / Sprint ‘merger’ requiring 99% of California and 94% of rural California to have +50Mbps service by 2026
  3. Write to the FCC

Just as a note:  T-Mobile guarantees ‘nothing’ as far as service goes (“we don’t guarantee service anywhere”).  T-Mobile has given me the same ultimatum, with conflicting message:

“We have 5G service at that location as tested by our engineers” and “We don’t guarantee service anywhere”.  In my case, its been more of a I can guarantee there is NO service where T-Mobile engineers claim that there is… so the map and service is contradictory, along with the executive rep, who will also claim ‘the map is an estimation’ which comes back with ‘your previous statement was from your engineer claiming service is there’.

Its a no-win.  If it makes you feel better…. FCC/CPUC/BBB complaints and any ‘powerful’ politicians will get things done.


Done, done, and done. Thank you for the references and support.

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Just as a note:  T-Mobile ‘executive response team’ will more likely offer to pay off your devices and port you than fix the issue.


I will piggy back on  what canthearmenow said, TMobile is "ATROCIOUS" in Newbury Park! I'll have the 5G Bar signal Maxed too! How can I have 5G Full Signal  & can't even load the T-Mobile Homepage..what pops up without signal! except Newbury Park…

 I like my TMobile service generally Speaking...

I tend to use a lot of Data & never really have any issues with slow speed in a Well covered area..

So I'm not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet ...But gotta at least keep your Customers informed...Even if it's not always the News people hope for ...

Transparency goes a long way...

Happy Holidays 


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Just as a note:  T-Mobile ‘executive response team’ will more likely offer to pay off your devices and port you than fix the issue.

When I did this, T-Mobile offered to cancel my contract saying “there are no contracts at T-Mobile.”  When I asked about my devices, they offered to pay them off but refused to provide a paper trail.  I declined their offer.

As sure as Tom Mix rode a horse, the device would get paid off but some hot-shot MBA trying to make his bones in the telecom industry wouldn't see that because, apparently, no one at T-Mobile talks to anyone else at T-Mobile, and ruin my credit rating over unmade device payments.  Without a paper trail of the payoff, I would be defenseless.

I mean...just how stupid do they think I am?

P.S. The above exchange took place before the “executive response team” called me back.  The “executive response team” member said s/he was “not authorized” to pay off my devices and the previous person wasn’t either.  S/he advised me to go with another carrier.

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This is why I typically go to ‘executive response team’ - they have done device exchanges (eg. LG Velvet didn’t have 5G SA, to  ‘No 5G service years back in Charlevoix’ - then claiming the device only supported 5g NSA (not in any documents), and exchanged it for a One Plus 8 5G.

Local reps (Philippines in my case) will often give bill credits.   

Many reps have gives many refunds (typically every time I go to Cambria) due to lack of service, same with Gaviota state beach. 


I too wrote the FCC.  What a joke!  Did they even receive a fine?  Ill bet not,  Just some TMobile snotnose supervisor tell me “they cant guarantee coverage all of the time” but that their towers are great in my area.    Meanwhile, I use my personal wifi at home, and calls still drop non stop.  So I basically cant make a phone call.  They should be shut down.  I was on Sprint, and had great service, so it cant be that it is the area per se.  It is TMobile who stinks and they should not have been allowed with the acquisition of SPRINT legally since they cannot uphold their bargain of the a provider. 


BTW I am in NY State,  So it cant be all of us across the country who are the issue.  TMOBILE SUBPAR.   I cannot call my family on Christmas EVE and I am furious.  they know how to remind me my bill is due, but do not hold up their bargain as a provider with service.

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Some areas are better than others.  Eg.  My local areanis quite good.  Many small communities and some rural areas are not.  For California,  id recommend contacting CPUC , as they have an agreement with the state  to deliver 100Mbps to 99% of the state (by Population, i assume), and 50Mbps to 94% of rural population by 2026 as part of their Sprint purchase.