texts not received from other carriers

  • 16 March 2021
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Hi! I have been a T-Mobile customer for approximately 2 weeks. When I first transferred my service from Verizon, I was receiving all of my text messages. Two days after switching, all texts stopped from people outside of T-Mobile. I can send text messages and people receive them but I cannot receive text messages from anybody with another carrier, and I cannot receive MMS messages from T-Mobile users. When I contacted customer service, they directed my issue to engineering who responded that I needed a new sim card. I went into the T-Mobile store, got a new SIM, which did not make my text messages push through. So, they thought that it was a device issue and I purchased a new Pixel 4A. The issue still is not fixed. When I re-contacted customer service, they put another request for the engineers. My text messages pushed through approximately 3 to 4 days later. Then I stopped receiving messages again and it was pushed back to engineering. A few days after that all of my text messages came through and I had messaging for about 5 days. Yet again, my messages stopped. Engineers' response was that I need a new phone. I'm not quite sure how that would fix this issue because I already did get a new phone with a new SIM card and that didn't fix the messaging issue. Does anybody have an idea?

26 replies

Forgot to add while not receiving the text. If the ST people attached a picture every text I would get it. But that was the only way