Why is replacement phone not registered to a network? Galaxy21

  • 18 March 2023
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I received new phone yesterday, used Smart Switch and began to use phone.  I was texting and all was well.  Last night, I couldn’t send texts or call and I get this msg about my device not being registered to a network...wth Tmobile?


3 replies

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Did you transfer the sim or get an esim?

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from what i have been hearing lately i would look at smartswitch being the culprit.


@syaoran  might have a bit more on this info wise

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Have you tried removing the SIM, cleaning the contacts with some Isopropyl, drying it, and putting it back in the device?  If the SIM is more than a few years old, I would recommend replacing it.  If it was an eSIM.  Your ESIM might be corrupt.

Smart Switch has definitely caused a lot of issues on Android 13 for Samsung and with other manufacturers that have apps to carry over data from an older device to a newer one.  App data for older apps on a different version of the OS do not mix well.  App versions for older versions of Android might not be compatible directly with Android 13.  That is why it is always best to back up your data manually and restore it manually.