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¿Necesitas ayuda para desbloquear un dispositivo? Aquí te decimos cómo hacerlo.

  • 21 February 2023
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Ok good. To clarify, you don’t remember what type of account you’re on (prepaid vs. postpaid) or you don’t remember if you are on the same account that you had two years ago?

I know this seems like a lot of questions, but there is a missing link somewhere and getting these answers helps find it. 😃

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Device unlocks are proactively done now which means that no one should have to push a button or file a request to unlock the device. If the device is paid off and the account that they were purchased on is in good standing (not past due or cancelled with a balance), then you can go through the settings on the device to unlock it yourself. What is the brand of the phones you’re trying to unlock? Apple, Samsung, LG, OnePlus, …?

Is postpaid?


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When you put a non T-Mobile SIM card in the phone and restart it what happens?