• 7 September 2023
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I’m gonna start with I’ve been with T-Mobile for 8 years. Dealt with assurant and they were completely careless and unreliable. STOP PAYING FOR INSURANCE BECAUSE ITS A SCAM. I  was better off replacing through the streets. Customer service was completely terrible and I was even hung up on at one point after dealing with them for THREE HOURS. Called numerous times and asked to speak to the supervisor bc of the unsatisfied care and he never even attempted to reach back. GUYS LISTEN PLEASE. TAKING ASSURANT OFF WILL REDUCE YOUR BILL PLENTY ! Reported my phone on August 28 and received a broken phone by the 31st. In the mail I received it said all devices are tested before being shipped and after $270 I expected the new phone I was guaranteed but didn’t receive a GOOD phone until yesterday. The 6 of sept. 

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