Tmobile has not unlocked my Galaxy S8 - Going on day six - HELP!

  • 26 January 2024
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On January 21, 2024, I called Tmobile to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S8 that I have owned for many, many years.  The representative was having difficulty processing the request even though the Unlock Device app is pre-installed on my phone.  After some time on the phone with her and waiting on hold, she finally advised me that with the help of her supervisor, they were able to unlock the phone.  I thanked her for her help and hung up.  Well, guess what?  The phone was not unlocked so I had to call back an hour later and this time I spoke to Brittany.  After quite a while on the phone with her trying many different methods, she advised me she is escalating my request and will have a resolution within 72 hours.  So, 72 hours later and no contact from Tmobile, I called again and this time spoke to Tony.  After a time on the phone with him and him trying many different methods to unlock my phone without success, he advised me he will send a message to Brittany advising I have called again and told me I would get a call within 72 hours with a resolution.  I am at 48 hours and am an EXTREMELY unhappy person at this point.  I am a 20 year customer of Tmobile and they are not releasing my property (my phone) that I own, to me!  Since Tmobile so far has not been of any help, I am reaching out to the Community for any tips on how to get this problem resolved.  Any advise is appreciated!


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I don't recall those devices coming with an unlock app.  It is possible that the device is so old, that T-Mobile no longer has the ability to SIM unlock it.


Syaoran - Yes, it does have the Unlock Device app, it came factory installed.  But funny enough, after I posted my cry for help above, I continued my internet search for a resolution to my problem and I found it!  The resolution was to clear the cache in the Unlock Device app then I was able to follow prompts that did not show up during previous attempts and was able to unlock my phone!  I just don’t know how to delete my original inquiry.