unlock android watch device without android phone

  • 23 January 2023
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i asked/requested tmobile to unlock the watch, after i paid it off. they said repeatedly that it was. after i got rid of my android phone, they want me to unlock it for them from a phone i no longer have. now i don’t know what to do to unlock this device, anyone out there have any ideas? or do i just own trash?

2 replies

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Try contacting tmobile support using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to see if they can help you they also are a higher tier of support.

Since it's an Android you can pay a 3rd party company for an unlock code.

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Hey @anme11901 What is the make and model of your watch? The unlock process is slightly different depending on a few details, so I want to make sure you get the right answers.