assurant fraudsters

  • 25 June 2023
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I have been dealing with this ordeal for 3 months. I certainly believe is a scam from Assurant. 

I filed a claim back in March for a device that broke, immediately after i returned my device. End of March received a message from assurant to send the device, called them they said that they received the device it wasnt scanned. Received a second message on April, called them same thing device was received not scanned , not to worry because they had it. At the end on May $579 charged on my account. I called them back again the device not scanned. I called them back yesterday to verify the status of my refund and now they say that they receive an empty package. 

i have tracking number and details from USPS where they handed the package to an individual at their location in York Pennsylvania. The internet is full of similar complaints.  These insurance companies are scamming consumers. They charged you a monthly fee, they charged you a deductible and then they charge you more than the device is worth for a broken device. A device that was returned to the and they stated 3 previous times that they had on the warehouse but not scammed.


T-Mobile should stop using this company. They are fraudster’s. I will continue to complaint with FCC, Insurance Regulation and open a small claim suit. What you are all doing to the consumers is not legal. Your scam need to stop.

5 replies

This just happened to me. I noticed this has been happening a lot. Have you received your money back? I'm thinking about getting a lawyer. 

Wow! I thought it was just me! This is crazy! They are doing the same thing to me. I have been calling and calling about a phone that was returned and received on August 9th. Here we are on November 27th and this is the first day that I am being told the package they received was empty. Then they told me to file a claim with USPS. Only to be advised by USPS that I only have 60 days from the date the package was mailed to file a claim. I am way past that time frame. Why is this my issue when I did everything I was supposed to do…..Assurant is a scam!! 

I went to usps and they told me that there's nothing they can do. My brother also just got robbed from Assurant. They told him the same thing when he turned his defective phone. I talked to T-mobile so many times about what's going on. They don't care that I'm being robbed by there own Insurance. I been a loyal customer for years. There's so many complains right now about them receiving the package but no phone. I wonder how long is T-mobile going to keep this up until they realize that Assurant is scamming there loyal customers.

This happened to me as well.  First they said it was never scanned but not to worry. A few months later they say they never received the device, got a $700 charge on my account.  This took months to sort out.  My only saving grace was that I still had the receipt that showed I mailed a package and the weight showed that there was something in the package when I sent it.  Even with this proof, it was a lot of back and forth between Assurant and T-Mobile.  I finally reported Assurant to the Better Business Bureau.  This is when it was finally resolved.  Such a headache!

Never had problems with T-mobile, I’ve been with them 20 years. However, this experience has left me disheartened. They continue to use this fraudulent company. I canceled my insurance because why bother?  I do not want to go through this again.

That's great news. I'm glad you received your money back. So far no luck for me. I'll finlay be leaving T-Mobile because of this. Can't be apart of a company that don't care about there customers being robbed. I'll just keep passing on the word about Assurant and there fraud.