Syncup Drive on Desktop

  • 7 January 2022
  • 7 replies



I have a business with a couple trucks.  I installed the drives in the vehicles and it works great with the phone app.


I would like to view dashboard, map etc… on my desktop (Mac) and also my front office desktop (PC).

Is there a website that log in and dashboard is available?

7 replies


Tony, from the overwhelming response, along with my own personal experience,  it seems the only way to see your Sync-Up data is on your phone, or possibly the iOS app on a iPAD.

Uggggghhhh... We also own a small business and just got 17 syncUP drives for our trucks


Yesterday literally yesterday Feb 7 2022 . We previously had Sprint Drives and they had a website in addition to the apps. And I could set curfew notifications. This one has neither and I did not know that prior to switching. Ugghhh, we used both of those features constantly. 

Ugggghhh is right!  Sprint Drives were wonderful.  Tmobile not so much.  I also need to be able to view all work vehicles (9) on PC during the day, phone is fine for after business hours.  Hurry up Tmobile and get something we can use!  I can only speak for myself- I will have to come up with a different solution if we cannot view vehicles on computer screen, I have three dispatchers that were constantly looking at Sprint Drive until yesterday (9/14/2022) when we put the Syncup devices in the vehicles.  


You can run 17 emulators on PC side by side. Not that convenient but still


I will add to this. I have a business running eight SyncUP drives and I also come from Sprint which had more flexibility. I have been searching on how to disable Bluetooth from reporting the devices to the driver. Same applies if the vehicle is stolen. It screams, “Hey! Find me!” Any help on how to disable Bluetooth? We have the SD7000T units, not the latest T1 version. 


I want to add to the other comments on here that the Sprint DRIVE was SO much better than the SyncUP.   1.  The data was in real time unlike the major delay i have with the SyncUP and 2. It supported my 2019 GMC Yukon XL and 3. You could go onto the website through a computer and download your trips on a monthly basis for business purposes.