T-Mobile + buying a phone x Buyer Remorse = Ripoff!

  • 7 December 2022
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Bought a phone was told I need to come back and pick up my iPhone 14 pro (128 GB). The phone was for my son when I picked it up I never opened it the employee opened it when she was programmed it and when I gave him the phone he said this is the right phone what they did was switch out the 14 pro with a regular iPhone 14 but made it 256 GB so the price will remain the same when I took the phone back and let them know what happened I was told my son made the decision and I'm the one who bought that phone my son's 16 and he has no authority of Rights and that never happened but it was told I have to play $70 restocking fee for a phone I never ordered or even wanted and when I expressed that in more colorful words because the joke and a ripoff I called customer care I went to a different store less than 3 miles away that that store gets more complaints and it's not the first time that has happened it won't be the last and I informed T-Mobile customer care no one thing about anything I have to return four phones within a week which is nearly$250 with no phone for no apparent reason other than to give T-Mobile my money and rip me off because it's their specialty is what they do and if my problem isn't fixing I'm going to cancel that iPhone 14 pro before it ordered I will never buy a thing from T-Mobile game because for this company to do that to me within a week and no one do anything I refill my money not take a step to fix the situation I will tell you this my wife has been with T-Mobile for more than 10 years I will break her phone and gladly go to AT&t and Verizon where I can feel like at least about getting ripped off it's not in my face is not an open slap or something I care to just accept so I will keep you aware of what things but I'm telling you now if you're reading this before you buy a phone with you don't you be better off throwing your money and your fireplace at least you can watch it burn?

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Hello I need your help please

Seriously. I purchased a new Galaxy Watch5 traded in my Watch4 which had nothing wrong with it.. 2 months later the Watch5 completely died. Won't turn on or charge and only was used a few hours a day. Had to send it to Samsung. Meanwhile I'm dealing with a Google pixel 7 pro that gets so hot I can't even do hold it and it released like what, 2 months ago?! I remember when a phone lasted yearsss..three-four releases later you still have the phone that you ran over five times and it's perfectly fine. Lol ughhhhh. Not to mention I also traded in my perfectly fine Galaxy s22 ultra for this phone. I learned not to even put insurance on their phones cause it's not worth it when you just get a refurbished one in return that won't last a year. So idk if it's T-Mobile or just technology getting crappier but normally I don't even buy my devices through T-Mobile I go through the manufacturer. Definitely unhappy at the moment either way. I been with T-Mobile for well over 10 years. And don't get me started about their local in store customer service. Ughh. #RantOver