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I recently upgraded from the silver Gateway to the new black one. The black one is an Arcadia KVD 21. You can find that information on the back of the black Gateway. I was able to reconnect all my alexa's, all my smart plugs, my blink security system, my ring doorbell, and my wireless printer. My Aladdin connect, garage door opener would not connect. After spending 3 days trying to get it to connect I finally reached someone at Genie Door Company, the manufacturer of Aladdin connect. They tell me that Aladdin connect will not work with the new T-Mobile Gateway model KVD 21. Anyone else had this problem?

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Others have experienced this issue. Take a look here. 

it looks like a blocked port issue. My Chamberlin opener works ok. But I am connected to  Netgear MR60 access point, not the gateways directly.  


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It worked fine on the 5g Silver Gateway - 5g isn’t the issue.  Per Genie Aladdin Connect, it’s an issue with the Black Arcadia KVD 21 Gateway. - Genie Aladdin Connect already knew there is a problem with the New T-Moblile black Gateway They immediately asked me it I had an Arcadia Gateway - They had me read the model number off the back - yep it’s an Arcadia.  It’s an issue that T-Mobile needs to correct.


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Just of curiosity, did you try creating a new 2.4 GHz network with WPA/WPA2 security? That has been the problem with a lot of devices, from printers to security devices. Here’s how to do it. It's worth a try to see if that is the problem.

The first thing to check is to make sure the Hidden switch on your network is set to Off. By default, the Hidden switch is On for the primary network. Use the T-Mobile app to access the settings for your network. Tap the Network tab on the bottom, then tap your existing network. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see a Hidden switch. Turn it off and then Save.

Then use the T-Mobile app and tap the Network tab on the bottom, then the “+” button on the lower right. Create a new 2.4 GHz WiFi network with a unique name (SSID), just for your laptop. Make sure the WPA type is WPA/WPA2. This is different from your main network which, by default, is WPA2/WPA3. See if that doesn't allow your garage opener to connect.


Yep, tried that- added a 2.4g separate network just for the garage door - still would not connect

I'm having the same issue. Very frustrating. I've tried everything I know to try. T-Mobile recommended I get another router to connect the garage door opener. At this point, I'm considering switching to another ISP. 


Don’t waste your time.  I finally reached someone at Genie, the maker of Aladden Connect.  She had me read the Model Number on the bottom of my new Black Gateway.  She knew instantly what the problem was.  My new black Gateway is made by Arcadia.  The Gateway made by Arcadia, is not compatible with Aladden Connect.  Its an issue that T mobile will have to fix.  My old silver gateway worked fine - was not made by Arcadia.

I bought a router (from Goodwill) and works perfectly. Creating another network WILL work. Just buy a router.  

Ha, if this is a problem with a blocked port, this is another reason for us users to have more control over the gateway. 


They have a firewall that blocks ports, to make it more secure.  And your garage door opener uses one of the blocked ports.  If they let us unblock ports that we wanted to, fixing the problem would be easy.

Ever since I went from xfinity to T mobile internet I have not been able to connect my Genie garage door opener .  I finally connected another older router with a new network and finally got it to work but with absolutely no security protocols. as soon as I add a password I cannot connect to the WIFI.  I didn't want my whole neighborhood using my internet so I’m back to square one.. Frustrating !!!

Genie or T mobile was of no help...

I can confirm that this is a still an issue. It check this every time I visit my moms house 

Agree that this is a T-Mobile router issue but it seems that Aladdin connect would be motivated to create some kind of work around (use another port). 

I have created a sub network with another router to allow the garage door to connect.  

I might try installing a sonoff smart switch