Beware the Equipment Return Gremlins

  • 17 May 2023
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To the point:

Packaged equipment per instructions and dropped off to UPS with pre-printed label.

Equipment delivered to T-Mobile.

Charge shows up months later for unreturned equipment.

They will not resolve.

A happy customer with a different service provider as of today for all personal and business lines, and waiting with all documentation and tracking info to have the negative entry removed from my credit report when it appears.

This has happened to others here, so I advise caution to all when returning equipment. Keep all documentation and tracking numbers, as you may end up needing it to remove collection accounts because T-Mobile’ warehouse clowns lost your return. Or maybe warehouse gremlins ate it?

So long, T-Mobile!

1 reply

thanks for the heads up. I’m just now returning one and the replacement is going to go back within the next week. I’ve been a TMO fan but depriortization that doesn’t just slow speeds but knocks you completely offline is unacceptable. I realize its a locale issue but with no tower improvements scheduled there is no other solution. They simply oversold the local towers with both phone and internet plans.