Connectivity Issues with T Mobile Gateway and Intel Evo Laptop: Seeking Solutions

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Dear forum members,

I come to you today seeking advice and solutions to a connectivity issue I've been experiencing with my Intel Evo laptop [] and T Mobile Gateway. As a frequent traveler and remote worker, I heavily rely on a stable and fast internet connection for my professional and personal needs. Unfortunately, I've encountered some challenges when attempting to connect my Intel Evo laptop to the T Mobile Gateway, and I'm hoping someone in this community can shed some light on the matter.

Here are the specific issues I've been facing:

Limited Connection Range: I've noticed that the range of the T Mobile Gateway's Wi-Fi signal seems to be limited when trying to connect with my Intel Evo laptop. Even when in close proximity to the gateway, the signal strength fluctuates and sometimes disconnects. Are there any known compatibility issues or settings that I need to adjust on either the laptop or the gateway to optimize the connection range?

Inconsistent Speed and Performance: While connected to the T Mobile Gateway, I've noticed that the internet speed and overall performance on my Intel Evo laptop can be erratic. At times, the connection is fast and reliable, but on other occasions, it becomes sluggish or experiences intermittent disruptions. Has anyone else encountered similar issues? Are there any steps I can take to ensure consistent and stable performance?

Router Configuration: I'm curious if there are any specific router configurations or adjustments that I need to make on the T Mobile Gateway to enhance its compatibility with Intel Evo laptops. Are there any known settings that could improve the connection reliability and speed?

Troubleshooting Steps: If anyone has encountered and resolved similar issues between the T Mobile Gateway and Intel Evo laptops, I would greatly appreciate your insights into the troubleshooting process. What steps did you take to identify and address the root cause of the connectivity problems? Any specific software updates or firmware upgrades that proved helpful?

If you have any experience or expertise with the T Mobile Gateway and its compatibility with Intel Evo laptops, I kindly request your assistance. Your recommendations, suggestions, and troubleshooting tips would be immensely valuable in helping me overcome these connectivity challenges.

Thank you all in advance for your time and support. I'm eagerly looking forward to hearing your thoughts and potential solutions.

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Is your laptop running the latest WiFi drivers directly from Intel?  Not from Windows Update.  Are you running the gateway’s WiFi split into 2.4GHz and 5GHz instead as one WiFi network?  

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@judywatson  Most devices work very well with the default network configuration, which automatically selects 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz for each connected device, and has the best wireless security available for home wifi networks (as far as I know.)  But some computers and devices just don’t like those settings.  You can add a second network to your gateway.  In the app, tap the + at the bottom of the Network tab.  Experiment with the bandwidth and security settings, trying to connect your laptop each time you change the settings.  One of my computers does well with 2.4 GHz and WPA/WPA2 security.  I later made that network Hidden so guests and others won’t see it.