Control 5G home internet over wired ethernet?

  • 24 July 2023
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I use my 5G Home Internet with my wired network and want to turn off its wifi.   If I do that, how can I make changes to its config if necessary?  I see that it’s got a web server and I can get to a status page, but there’s no configuration info or access on it.  Maybe a specific URL for management?

4 replies

The address is


I know what the address is.  Like I said in my post, I see that I get get to that status page (at but that it just shows status, I see no interface to change configuration.

Sorry, you are correct I did not think it all the way through as you can not change the config from the web interface.  You have to use the mobile app to make config changes. I do it by connecting to a  separate WIFI Access Point connected to my network as I do have the gateway WIFI turned off.


So the phone connects via a different wifi network - but as long as it can get to the device at, the app will work?