DIY Modem

  • 25 May 2023
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This is my first post.  Glad to meet everyone.  I didn’t even know T-Mobile had a forum until I got the home internet and found how limited the gateways are and began searching for tips and tricks.

I wanted to see if anyone had tried building their own modem.  I have been running a IPFire firewall and router box for a while now since I had DSL.  So why not use it for T-Mobile too?  I don’t even know if it will work, but in theory I think it should.  IPFire has a decent amount of options for connecting to a service.

  1. I would be using my computer that is currently running the firewall and router
  2. Adding a PCI-E M.2 adapter
  3. Attaching a 5g module to that adapter
  4. SIM card into the adapter
  5. Plug the Waveform antenna to the module
  6. Configure the “Red” adapter in IPFire

If this works, I should have no double NAT and many other features like DHCP address control, VPN, and Intrusion Prevention in one unit.

It would be about $100 in parts I need to get so less than one of the pre-built 5G routers.

Or has someone already attempted it?

2 replies


Well, I’m a bit bummed out.  I found out that the home internet service does not allow BYOD so it has IMEI lock.  The business internet service allows BYOD, but I do not have a business.  So, I guess the project is dead before it even started.  I will just keep researching it for now.

This is interesting to me-  I hadn’t considered the possibility.  Please LMK if it works.  Might be too hard for me but I’d still love to know that there might be a way to get full internet functionality back while staying with tmobile.