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  • 19 November 2023
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Does T-mobile plan to allow port forwarding anytime soon?  I just switched and now my grandkids can not access my movie server.  I am willing to wait a month or 2 if this is in the works. 


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4 replies

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@oldfowler I don’t believe so. If you have a wifi router attached, then you can program it to perform port forwarding. Currently, the TM gateways are designed to provide internet access, with very few features. 

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Tmobile home internet gateways are basically hotspots dumbed down with virtually no settings unless you hack it with HINT Control or something like that.

To get to servers from external sources, you’ll need something like Tailscale which is now built in to Channels DVR. Or if you have Plex, they use proxy servers and external access is possible. 


I would like to stream HULU but it won’t work with T-Mobile 5G internet. What can I do?


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@Rickie22 it works for us. We stream Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and more all from T-Mobile Home Internet and a Samsung TV. You might want to reset your TV connection and try again. It will work.