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  • 14 April 2021
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Orbi 5G Tri-Band WiFi 6 Mesh System, 4.2Gbps, Router + 2 Satellites







The Orbi 5G mesh system brings mobile 5G technology into your home and delivers up to 1 gigabit internet speed. Cover up to 7,500 sq. ft. with blazing-fast, reliable WiFi 6 technology providing speeds of up to 4.2Gbps for up to 40 devices. Stream, browse and work uninterrupted throughout your home.

Certified for AT&T and T-Mobile. Currently not compatible with Verizon (coming soon), and not compatible with Sprint legacy network. Requires 5G compatible SIM cards for the 5G networks.




Sooo … I started with Tmobile internet using the Askey TM-RTL0102, upgraded to the 5G Nokia FG-21 over 1 year ago. Today I received this email:


“You’re eligible for a new home internet gateway with Wi‑Fi 6 technology! Connect more devices to faster speeds, all at the same time. 

Simply return your current device, and we’ll set you up with a new one at no extra cost. It’s that easy.”


With a quick 5 minute phone call to Tmobile Home Internet at 844-275-9310  ... I will be receiving the “brand new” Orbi WiFi 6e Gateway Device, No Cost, just return the Nokia with the included RMA.

How exciting, I searched the web and can find no information on this new gateway being offered directly from Tmobile.  I will report back when this mystery device shows up …

Hopefully it is not as locked down as the Nokia FG-21.

Stay tuned!



This is the new unit … Arcadyan KVD21


I used to have Spectrum (uggg, horrible customer service) & switched to T-Mobile internet & so far love it.  I have Google mesh (older not nest mesh).  I have 4 pucks & connected one to gateway by Ethernet & distributed the rest throughout the house.  I have the gateway behind my tv & live in a house made in the 1920's with lath & plaster walls.  I get great speeds.  I haven't even tried to locate anywhere else because I have such good speed.  The best recorded speeds I have are 493 down & 56 up.  That's with a connection on app that says "very good".  Don't have any idea what I'd get with "excellent" connection..  A whole lot better than I was getting with Spectrum & for a lot less money.  The only problem I've had was speed test dropped in half & called tech support & they rebooted something on their end & I rebooted gateway.  Problem solved.  I will say that I get much better speeds if I reboot gateway weekly.  I'm a pretty heavy internet user, got a whole smart house with a LOT of devices connected & get consistent internet.  Haven't encountered any buffering or stuttering yet.  So far, so good.  Hope it stays that way.

I too have the original Google mesh system, and have my setup like yours (ethernet connecting one of the pucks and three others placed in various locations in an old three story brick home), but only get around 120-150mbps download instead of the 300-500+ when connected to the gateway wifi.  Any tips or additional settings you made?

I have the Arcadian KVD21 Gateway and added Eeri 6 Pro Mesh. I called and confirmed disabling the T-mobile wifi and/or router still not an option. I did not change Eeri to bridge mode and everything seems to be working fine. When I check T-mobile router is shows only one device connected (Eeri router). I am leery of making a change to something that does not appear broken. Will this for sure cause double NAT problem?



I ran a double NAT arrangement with a Ubiquiti DreamMachine SE (dual access points) plugged into the  Nokia gateway for over 1 year.  No issues.  I recently upgraded to the Arcadian gateway and simply plugged an ethernet cable between the DreamMachine & Arcadian.  No issues.  

Like the Nokia, I will never use the wifi router built into the Arcadian.  I wouldn't worry about double NAT, the main issue would be reprogramming my 77 wifi devices every time I upgraded to a new gateway.

Now thats a nightmare! 

Now my dilemma my neighborhood is contract locked to Comcast we cannot get anyone else. Whole neighborhood has fiber for Verizon but that was 15 years ago and still 10 more years to go till the exclusive contract is up. Can you believe that Verizon laid the fiber 25 years ahead of when they can offer the service. Anyways I don’t like Comcast for many reasons, coming data cap that they want you to pay for overage, bundles of services I don’t need, high rates as you have to have a bundle as individual services are way overpriced, inconsistent speed.



Wait...what? How is that even legal?


I live in a 100 year old brick building.  I have one of the 2,500 sq ft condos.  The walls consist of brick, wire lathing, and plaster. (This is a serious Faraday cage)  I currently have comcast as my ISP but want to change.  To get a Wi-Fi signal through the condo I currently have an Orbi router and 5 satellites.  Would the T-Mobile gateway connect to my Orbi router and have enough bandwidth to service my home?

I have the “new and latest” TMO 5G Home internet Gateway of 10/2022.  Easy setup.  Ethernet cable to my ASUS ZEN AX Mesh router.  ASUS app selected Access Point Mode and all re-connected and works perfect!  WiFi works as prior on ASUS Mesh APs x2 and new WiFi channel open on TMO Gateway.  No need to turn off wifi channels on the 5G gateway as prior videos show.  No need to reconnect existing cameras, thermostats, etc.  Have 4 of 5 bars at 5G signal.  Speed test shows about 200 down, 28 up.  Works great and reliable service.