My TMobile 5G Router/Gateway based home-internet access is dropping randomly almost daily now in zip:07746

  • 14 July 2022
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T-Mobile 5G Router/Gateway based home-internet access is dropping my internet access randomly almost daily now on multiple PCs/Laptops at my home in zip:07745. Sometimes in the middle of many conference calls.

facing internet access problems (using Wi-Fi at home for Desktop-PC/Laptop/Smartphones/Tablet connectivity) more frequently and many times in a day sometimes ?  what could be the main reason….? 

called  support, first of all they cant speak/understand well and then they are not doing anything at alll...and at one time, they said, they are updating the tower; could that may be the reason?  but this has been happening for several weeks now….it it safe to still believe them.

My alternative…..move out to a different ISP, like my old cable provider?

4 replies



Please check the link and let me know if it helps you.


Just had a call to Customer Service for similar issues:  1) Home Internet drops tower connection randomly; and, 2) The iOS Internet app does not connect to my gateway.

Here are the answers I just received from Customer Service.


Regarding the dropped connections:  T-Mobile’s internet service is not a secure wired connection like competitors.  So a good connection depends on alot of factors.  Translation: T-mobile is not as reliable!  If you want reliability, get a wired connection.

Regarding the iOS app: That is a known issue.  They have no target date to resolve.  Find someone with an Android device and use that.  Translation: T-mobile does not have the technical skill set (internal or external) to fix an app that provides extremely basic functionality.


Sounds like Tmobile adopted an interesting business model.

T-Mobile home internet is a total scam.  They charge 50$ per month for what is for the majority of the time slower and less reliable service than any other service available from competitors.
Average speed during most of the day doesn't even break 1Mbps and it is regularly and consistently disconnecting sometimes for minutes at a time.  This makes it basically unusable for just about anything you would need the internet for such as gaming and watching videos.  With its consistently slow speeds and disconnections I would even have to say that even web surfing is a terrible experience with very noticeable slowdowns and extremely slow web page loading.  50$ per month is a huge ripoff for a service that really is only good for at best checking email.
Keep in mind that this is with a very consistent "excellent" signal connection on the device.
I am sure there are going to be a few lucky people in some areas with upgraded towers and low congestion who will be pleased with the service but from what I have read and my own personal experience that would be very limited.  although, even at its best performance, 50$ per month is still too high even if the service worked consistently when compared to performance of its competitors.  Its like paying for a luxury sports car but being given an economy class car that stops working every few minutes.



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Zip 85748 -  rural area, but have (or say had) great LTE and 5G connectivity with the Nokia home gateway and my apple and android phones.  Last two months has been a nightmare.  Mutilple drops per day (even though the gateway says connection very good or on a phone showing 5GUC and 4 bars).  Have spent hours on the phone with T-Mobile - absolute waste of time.  Everyone should file an FCC Complaint: