Naming devices connected to Home Internet

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I've asked this many times over, but I still cannot get it to work. I need to know how to change the names of the devices connected to my TMobile Home Internet.


I've named them all directly on the device itself, but that name doesn't show up on my internet list. Everything comes up as a bunch of numbers, or "unnamed device" and it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to figure out what is what.


Every TV and computer and tablet in the house runs off this internet, so very often we run out of space and cannot connect anything new. If I knew which device was which, I'd be able to disconnect what isn't necessary to run 24/7, and what needs to stay connected.


Anyone have any clue what to do?!? It's starting to make this affordable internet service not worth the savings because the stress, arguments, and tension is making my household a place of contention :(



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Did you ever get an answer to this?  It’s driving us nuts too

Personally I already had all my devices (86) named and managed on a Asus WiFi router. So I decided to just plug that into the T-Mo gateway and turn off the WiFi on the gateway.
They really did make this like a plug and play and it doesn't have many options for good management.

You did mention those numbers, I am thinking you are talking about the WiFi hardware mac address that is 12 number with colons. On the WiFi devices you have connected you can find this same number on a label, or on TV’s, laptop’s, tablet’s/phone’s you can see this number in the settings probably in the info or about menus. Every device is different so I cant give specific instructions but you can google how to find WiFi MAC address for “insert device” and get instructions for that device.
This is what I had to do originally when I set up the management on my asus router since some of the host names didn't show up on the router. So I used the MAC address to identify what they were. You can usual identify the device with just the last four number and letters of the MAC address. I put this information in a spread sheet, or a text note for future reference.

Unfortunately when a wifi connected device shares a name and it does not always share the host name that you name it or the name you give the device. And now that I am looking at it I guess you can not change the name on the app once you find the device my the MAC like I can do with my Asus router. That means you have to depend on finding that device with the MAC address and doesn't make it easy to manage the network unless you are just setting up a repeating weekly schedule for a device to not have access after 10pm or something like that.

NOTE: I do not have the latest firmware yet, so I don't know if what I sated has changed with a newer firmware on the gateway.

Personally I prefer to have more insight to my network and control my devices. This gateway just doesn't have those options. I think for my monthly cost savings it’s worth buying another router that can give me these options. It will still pay for itself in a few months of what I am saving on the internet cost.
Or if you have one already that worked with your old internet you can plug that in with a network cable to the T-Mo gateway and use it.  Just make the WiFi networks the same name and use the same WiFi key, turn on the router WiFi and turn off the T-Mo gateway WiFi. Just turn off the one you are connected to last using the web interface to the gateway. NOTE: The phone app for the gateway may not work when connected over another router behind the gateway so you will have to use the web interface address so check the signals.

Was there ever a solution to this found?  Does T-Mobile ever reply to (or at least acknowledge) any threads in this forum?

No Tmobile CS never checks these questions. Disclaimer, I am not a computer person, just an impatient user who does not really believe it when “they” tell me something is not possible.

Disclaimer I have the oldest version of the Gateway (the little white box) with the latest updates, I actually had more options with the newest tower, but had compatibility issues so had to send it back. The following might help, but i cannot say for sure since it was almost a year ago and my memory is not so hot but I think the interface is mostly the same.

The Internet App is really only any good for restarting the gateway, checking connection status/quality and all the devices connected (select arrow to right and another window opens up to show the IP & MAC address). SO even if your Roku or Fire-stick are off, they will show up because they technically always run in the back ground when power is provided.

If you are brave enough, someone can give you instructions using the “cmd” codes to reprogram names, I used them to rename my Network connections on my desktop which uses LAN and to make the connections private. It was too much work (aka risky) for me to rename my devices this way as I have an older computer and OS.

Accessing your modem/router through the computer browser using the IP address gives you more options than the App.

Like ScottJD said, you will need to keep a list for reference and luckily just highlight the whole list, copy and paste un-formatted into an Excel file.  To do this -

Open browser

Enter the IP address for your Modem/Router into address bar of your browser

Login as an administrator

Go to Basic


Connected Devices (WiFi)

Highlight content, cut & paste (un-formatted)

It will take a tiny amount of cell moving to make a row, but it is easy enough, I added a row to add the “device (name)” the App gave so I could cross check easy enough

The IP and Mac address are likely to change for a device when they are connected to the 2.4G or 5G WiFi

Roku devices tend to keep the names you give them on the Roku.

Amazon about 50 % of the time, Android and iPhone are hit or miss

If you have a Wifi Extender, I find they take renaming through the computer browser connection and App for the extender. These tend to stay when I look at the connection through the extender App.

How I was able to rename some items  on the Tmobile Modem/Router was to

Open browser

Enter the IP address for your Modem/Router into address bar of your browser

Login as an administrator

Select Expert


IP/MAC Binding


Rename Device

I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but you can try it once, logout, restart modem and then see what happens. If it doesn’t work, it won’t work and you haven’t lost much time. On the App it won’t change the default name (Device(...)) but when you expand that “Device” name it should show up there.

A weird aside, after the update for my iPhone to OS15 I noticed that whenever my other devices would give me “no internet” notifications or say “full” if I turned off the WiFi to my iPhone then the device that was giving me a problem would “magically” work. I know you didn’t ask that question, but  every-time a connection is established…..



Seems that it's not quite possible to do so yet on the Arcadyn model; although I'm guessing there are two ways to do this, as an alternative, which the first involves Private DNS settings or the second being the device name. 

Whatever settings you do change, It's possible that it takes full effect once your restart the gateway and it autoconnects to the network under those changes.

It be nice if we knew how to do this without turning off everything to figure out what device is what.

My cell phone and laptop show up by name but everything else is Device(xxxxx)  

I’ve asked T-Mobile about this issue over and over. First they always seem clueless, then make me check the device name on my phone’s settings (again), only to finally say that renaming devices isn’t an available option at this time. It’s so frustrating! Not happy about that and the fact that I can’t access the app unless I’m home. So when I’m at work I can’t look to see what devices are connected to my network. And, if I go to my security camera app and it says it’s offline, how do I know if the problem is my Wi-Fi or my cameras? When I asked T-mobile about this, they couldn’t even restart my signal. Turns out you have to be home for them to do that too. What’s the point if I can’t see my cameras when I’m away from home? They have some serious issues they need to fix with their setup. Not worth the savings. 

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Did you ever get an answer to this?  It’s driving us nuts too

Same. Very frustrating!! C’mon T-Mobile- this is an issue. 

Same issue, any answers yet??

Come on T-Mobile! This is very frustrating.I have no idea what is hooked up to my network. Those stupid numbers are worthless. I was able to identify MY phone but nothing else.

they couldn’t help me with any other issues I m not holding my breath 

i disconnected & forgot each device then 1 by 1 reconnected them to figure it out. not simple but it worked.

Please add this functionality T-Mobile! It should be standard by now.