New 5g gateway

  • 3 September 2022
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How to get the new 5g gateway device ? I have the old one I have keep tuning it off from time to time. how can I get the new device?

1 reply

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Beware of what you ask for. It is a 50:50 that it will be any better than the model you have now. You might be wishing you had the prior model back. The Nokia vs the Arcadyan is a debate. You might just have a Nokia that has some problem. It depends upon the issue you are rebooting the device to over come. The Arcadyan has less configuration capability than the Nokia and the reporting is much less. To manage the Nokia you have the web interface which is not bad for the options it has. The Arcadyan currently has to be managed via the mobile application as the newest firmware seems to have broken the administrative access for configuration of the gateway. Management via the mobile application is a real PIA at times. It is not the best mobile application. Your call.