what printer works on Tmobile 5 g internet wireless gateway

  • 14 March 2023
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What printer will work on your 5g wireless network?  Also what do I need to connect a printer to my Samsung Flip4 phone to print emails and pdfs and other attachments like photos?  

4 replies

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I can't help you with the phone since I'm a Mac-guy, but any printer should be able to connect to your combined WiFi signal generated by your T-Mobile gateway. Occasionally an older printer might require you to create an additional network with only WPA/WPA2 security, but any printer manufactured over the last, say, five years, should be able to easily connect to a 2.4/5 GHz WiFi signal.

If you end up with an older printer that can only see an earlier version of WiFi (WPA/WPA2), use the phone app to create a new network with that security and give it a different name from your default network.

Either way, it's pretty straightforward to connect just about any printer to your T-Mobile gateway.

Good luck!

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In addition to what bocaboy2591 said, here’s a link from Samsung that explains some things you might need to do on your Android phone:

While I’m an iPhone user, my wife has a Samsung Android phone, and printing from it works perfectly. We set up our printer on the network first, then followed the info at that Samsung link. Pretty easy, and we have multiple printers that all work for her, from an older, low end multifunction printer to a high end Epson Photo printer.

I’m using an Epson 2750 which was connected to my previous network.

Just went into settings selected the new SSID, entered the password of 5th network and done!