wifi isnt showing up on smart tv woth home internet

  • 9 August 2022
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I got everything set up, my phone is connected but I don’t see the WiFi I just set up come up on my smart tv to connect to it. Is that normal? 

3 replies

When I hooked up my apple device and look for the wi fi option, T Mobile is not showing up as an opton?

This is my bedroom tv… smart tv in the main room is fine

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does it need a different frequency than the living room TV? is one TV newer than the other? could one be trying to connect to 5 when it should be connecting to 2.4?

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Add a second network with the + at the bottom of the Network tab in the app.  Set the band to 2.4 GHz.  Set security to WPA/WPA2.  Your TV should see this network.  Leave the main network alone and use it where possible; use this second network only if the main network doesn’t show up or doesn’t work well for a particular device.