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NV Enegybprovides customers with a wifi thermostat.  When I switched to T Mobile home internet I lost connectivity.


NV Energy believes it is because T Mobile is a hot spot and not hardvwired internet.  


In the reset instructions the thermostat does show up in my list of wifi options and does connect, but never prompts me for wifi password.   


Note:. I have wifi lights that also uses 2.4, and was promoted to enter a password, and they work.


Any suggestions







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Which gateway do you have? Nokia (cylinder) or Arcadyn (Cube)? The later has a range of devices - printers, garage door openers, TVs etc that many folks cannot get to work on 2.4G band. Unfortunately nobody knows the root cause and TMO support has not been helpful.


Thank you for your reply.

I have the cube.

I guess I a mm lucky d poi mebif my 2.4 devices, like my wifi lights and printer work.

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You could try to add an external router. This resolved the 2.4G issue for several users. You simply connect the ethernet port from your TMO cube to the WAN port of the external router. Easiest setting for the new router would be Access Point mode. Setup your new wifi SSIDs and see if that works. The by-product of doing this is you are likely going to get stronger signals from your new router.

Most tech savvy folks do this so they can swap internet providers without having to change their wifi network.


Update:   I just completed a call with NV Energy tech support about not being able to connect the  the T Mobile Wifi.   There response is that TMobile is “not hard wired, not always on”


I do not understand what this means and if there is a work around?  Is there a solution other than leaving TMobile for a wired internet provider?


thank you