I'm foreigner, traveling from EU to US

  • 2 April 2024
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I'm EU citizen, travelling to US with my family and need to use my phone from T=0. We are 5 people. 3 kids, me and my wife. We're flying to Boston. What is the best way for all of us to get the functional SIM which we can use for calling with a reasonable data limit (unlimited would ve the best).

Is there a T-Mobile somewhere on airport? Or can we buy the SIM cards remotely (possibly the eSIMs?). We're staying for 3 weeks.

Thanks for your recommendations.


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You should be able to purchase eSIM's online from T-Mobile or Metro by T-Mobile's sites along with prepaid plans to go with them.  Most airports where international is common have stores in or very close to the airports.  You can purchases eSIM's or pSIM's from those stores with plans best suited for your needs.  

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To add on you won't be able to activate the Sims till you get off the plane since they need to be activated on Tmobile USA towers.