International Roaming Charges

  • 16 January 2024
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Here is what our Magenta plan says about international roaming calls: “$0.25/minute in 215+ countries and destinations”. We have a family plan, and my son was in Japan in December. He has been charged 25 cents/minute for certain calls, but for certain other calls he has been charged $3 per minute. I called - the lady who answered tried to explain to me that Japan is not covered under this plan - which is totally incorrect. Looking through the bill, it seems to me that the calls made using WiFi calling have been charged at a different rate - not 100% sure though. Does anyone have a similar experience?


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2 replies

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Depending on the plan mobile to mobile may differ than mobile to land line in pricing.

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  1. Not all calls are 25¢/min but most are.
  2. Calls made to the USA are free on WiFi but calls made to other countries on WiFi can be charged at your rack international rate. This is a real problem because not everyone is aware of when they are on WiFi or not. It’s best to make WiFi calls in airplane mode and non-WiFi calls with WiFi turned off.