Mexico-T-Mobile Mobile Data issue on S22 Ultra e-Sim

  • 12 February 2023
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I’ve Samsung S22 Ultra 5G with e-SIM. Plan is Simply Pre-Paid with 10GB of Data/Month and has USD$15 for International Calling, which Includes Mexico and Canada. I came to Mexico City, Mexico on 4th Feb 2023 and soon after the Plane Land, I saw the data as LTE. Roaming is On and Manually Selected the Network TELCEL(T-Mobile partner). Now the issue is I can see the LTE Icon, but Chrome, WhatsApp and Facebook are not loading. I reset the Network setting and did a Phone Re-Start. Airplane Mode was on-off, and the Data send/receive is still not working. #RON# (#766#) also tried. I also used Speedtest to see whether data send/receive happened and in Speedtest, it could not connect the Provider and Server. The call and SMS service is working Fine. I raised 2 Tickets, one after another, with Customer Service and Engineer team and they said it would take 72 Hours to resolve. But there is no resolution.

#73045642, 69530200

Still depend on Wifi Service and Office Verizon Mobile Hotspot 


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-----------------------Facebook T-Mobile---------------------------------
Thanks for reaching out to us! I appreciate you for taking time to work with us regarding this issue while traveling. I know it's important to stay connected. I see we advised you it would take 72 hours for there to be an update. At this point its only been 2 days so we are not at the 72 hour mark and there is no update at this time I would recommend continuing to connect to wifi whenever possible while our team continues to work on those tickets. I appreciate all of your patience while we work to address this. ^JonPorter
Sure Jon,  Will wait for another Day More

Awesome! I do want to make sure we set proper expectations for you. When traveling internationally we aren't able to guarantee a specific level of service since you are using a international network. So coverage and data capabilities are going to vary. ^JonPorter

-----------------------------Twitter T-Mobile---------------------------------
Thank you for getting that completed. Great news! I do show that you are connected to the network based on the following: 
Roaming: Mexico | International Roaming
Carrier: Telcel Radiomovil Dipsa,
I see you stated it showed LTE on the device. Have you gone into the actual settings of your device to disable the 5G option completely for the time being? ^LitaIngram
Now I'm at LTE/3G/2G(Auto Connect)
Let me run the Speed Test
Same issue Speed test are not able to find the Provider and Server and showing Error

Thank you for updating those settings. I would like to try one more option. Can you try the link here: 
Based on your current location, this may help with testing things out. This sites page leaves a very small footprint and it works on even the slowest connections. 
Can I have you try that out? ^LitaIngram

Yes, it open t mobile web page
but browser still shows no Internet connection

Thank you for confirming that. I truly appreciate you allowing me to research those details for you. After further review, although it shows you as roaming on the partner network, there aren’t any additional steps to take to ensure we can guarantee those connections based on the area. No additional ticketing would need to be submitted because the expected coverage per that area is to be low. I know this wasn’t the resolution we wanted to give, and I truly want you to have those connections while traveling. I recommend being connected to Wi-Fi as much as possible throughout your remaining travels within that area.

Taking our time to review all of our resources to help find any needed details or resolution is what we are all about, so I appreciate you allowing me time to research that further. Are there any other details I can help with at this time? ^LitaIngram
14 Feb 2023 3:38 PM

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Daily I’m spending 1 Hour Discussion to T-Mobile Customer Service. Repeating whole History again but everything end’s to Zero. Since last 10 Days I’m on without data in Mexico city. Mexico.
the 72 Hour Resolution are just mockery.   

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Troubleshooting Steps:
I did Network Setting Reset.Airplane Mode on/off, Mobile Restart,#RON# (#766#) also tried 
Choose Manual Network to TELCEL
SIM is e-SIM Hence Can't Remove it.
Romaing is On
Network Mode is 5G/LTE/3G/2G(Auto Connect)
I can see the LTE Data option not the LTE+ and Send Arrow is the White Solid but Receive Arrow is Blinking. But when I ran the Speed Test it Does not Find the provider and Server.

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Final : Ticket Closed without any resolution, Still Mobile data is not working, tried all possible way as mentioned in the following site
Guys it’s really frustrating. Talked with 5 Customer Service and No Resolution. Since last 12 Days in Mexico without any data. depending on Wi-Fi.


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My guess is going to be that potentially the carrier you are roaming on to doesn’t support or fully support eSIM.  

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I think that might be the case. as when I login in T-Mobile account there is no data consumption from activity tracker. but Customer Service does not tell this.

Add on Mexico for $5 dollars more per month also does not work.,are%20not%20compatible%20with%20eSIMs.

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Day 14th Without Data, I Called T-Mobile(Customer Service Leo) again and it went 1.5 Hr and still, data receiving is not working.
I have tried all the Troubleshooting steps Once again. Now as per Customer Service, we deleted the e-SIM and added it again. They Clear all EMI from the t-mobile Prepaid account. So I gave the EMI from S22 Ultra again, which they registered. I repeated the e-SIM Process (now I can't change the Network Mode after adding e-SIM from 5G to LTE to 3G. The option Grayout and showing Automatic). I can see 5 Full Signal bars with Roaming signs on top of the Bar. See's LTE Option in Data, but there is no data receiving. Power Off-On has been done many times. The end result of Customer Service Confirm is most of the customer's e-SIM data is not working in Mexico or any other Country, whereas Calling and SMS are working fine, and for other customers, the situation is Vice-Versa. So Please have secondary Mobile or must have t-mobile Physical SIM if you are going out of the Country or you need to buy a local e-SIM if your Mobile does not have a physical SIM slot. No matter how much they put USD $5 add on on e-SIM or $15 Mexico/Canada Addition/Remove. it will not work on e-SIM

My colleague has Verizon e-SIM+ Physical SIM. It's working perfectly with LTE Sign. 

I spent around 8-9 Hours calling different Customer Services. The last one I used today was very knowledgeable and technical. So I am giving up now and will return USA Next weekend. 
I have created this thread so that other people should avoid going through the Process again and again.

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Going to Mexico City again and will update the USA T-Mobile e-SIM Experience again.

eSIM-Service - Pre-Paid
Plan - T-Mobile Prepaid 10GB 
(All the nationwide Talk, Text & Data you can handle, with up to 10GB of 4G LTE for only $40/month, giving you high speed access when you need it most. Comes with Music Unlimited so you can Jam all day without using your data on included services.)
Services - Mexico & Canada Unlimited (USD $5 Add-On activation with Customer Service Help)
(Get Unlimited Talk, Text & LTE data on your smartphone in the U.S., and unlimited data while traveling in Mexico and Canada, with up to 5GB at 4G LTE speeds. As a bonus, get unlimited text messaging in Mexico and Canada. Best of all, the whole package is just $5 more a month)
When you complain to T-Mobile, be sure to mention that T-Mobile’s roaming maps show service in the City or Area and that they should either fix the roaming or the map

More Troubleshoot for this Kind of Issue

Nebulo (because it was free with no ads or purchases)
The same developer has an older app that I found worked a bit more reliably than nebulo

More troubleshooting On the phone goto:

Step1: Cellular data > Network selection : change from automatic to manual selection (or disable auto)

Step2: Wait for list of roaming operator's to populate

Step3: select a national operator in your area

You may need to restart phone after step3 And recheck step3 to make sure correct operator is actually selected. Once set it should remain until next restart or airplane mode.


Amazing that this issue still continues. It is definitely not a problem with the local carrier and esims. I had the same problem in Canada and had to resort to using Airalo eSIM which worked fine for data. 
I wonder how much revenue T-Mobile is earning from customers that spend $5 and get nothing. It’s such a long process to go through the troubleshooting that eventually you just give up. 
Everything points to this being a coding issue and no one thinks it’s important enough to spend some time and resources to fix it. 

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I have never had any issues roaming in Canada.  I don't use an eSIM though but Bell/Telus, T-Mobile's roaming partner in Canada does support eSIM.  Whether or not T-Mobile's eSIM implementation is compatible with the mess Bell/Telus use, I have no idea.

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last year when I went to Mexico with Physical SIM I did only USD $5 Recharge and it worked. This Year the e-SIM Shows everything(4G Icon,Connectivity) but No Internet. Calling and Texting working.

Thanks @SSP. I think you just confirmed that it’s a T-Mobile eSIM issue. The eSIM is seeing the network but only connecting with the part of the network for calls and SMS. It is unable to connect to the data side of the network. That points to a problem in the code of the eSIM. If it was a problem with the Mexican network, then your physical SIM would not have connected to the data. Hopefully, as eSIMs become the norm, T-Mobile will be forced to address this issue. Apparently, they are not yet getting enough complaints as yet.

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@Edkjm Yes, It’s e-SIM issue, the Physical SIM has No issue. I will Re-Confirm the issue next week when I will be in Mexico. as of Now following are the details.

SIM Type - e-SIM
Service - PrePaid
Mobile - Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra -  Unlocked
Plan - T-Mobile Prepaid 10GB
(All the nationwide Talk, Text & Data you can handle, with up to 10GB of 4G LTE for only $40/month, giving you high speed access when you need it most. Comes with Music Unlimited so you can Jam all day without using your data on included services)
Services - Mexico & Canada Unlimited  ---- USD $5 Add-In already there(with the help if Customer Service)
(Get Unlimited Talk, Text & LTE data on your smartphone in the U.S., and unlimited data while traveling in Mexico and Canada, with up to 5GB at 4G LTE speeds. As a bonus, get unlimited text messaging in Mexico and Canada. Best of all, the whole package is just $5 more a month)

Same here, I have no connection in Mexico, but my wife does have internet. Im on a esim and she is on a physical sim. The strange thing is the Im able to connect just while using a VPN but not without it. Does anyone have any idea why?

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I went to Mexico last week and as soon as the Plane landed, I chose the network Telcel and the same issue repeated. I tried all possible ways. This time I changed the DNS, but nothing worked. VPN also didn't work. hence this Proves it’s am eSIM Issue. 
Nebulo - DNS Changer for DNS o
DNSChanger for IPv4/IPv6
I think T-Mobile must send One Technical Person to Mexico with a mobile phone who has eSIMs with Pre-Paid and Post-Paid and they can see the issue and resolve this instead then endless calls to Customer Service and each call spending 2-3 Hours when we know nothing can come out.


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Each carrier's eSIM implementation can differ, just like how VoLTE, VoWiFi, and other carrier specific features can differ.  It is going to take a long time before carrier's start to worry about their roaming partner's eSIM's.

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Yes, I sent this thread to T Mobile Customer Service so that they can forward this to Technical Engineering Team. Unlocked Mobile, Simple Prepaid Plan(Not a Magenta One)
The Final - Root Cause is in eSIM Code which is not compatible with Roaming Partner(TELCEL). where as Physicals SIM works Perfectly with USD$5 Add On.

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Again Came to Mexico for 1 Week and Same issue happening You can call, Text but No data on eSIM

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Hello Everyone; I came again to Mexico on 15th May 2023 and thought to give it another Chance on Tmobile USA e-SIM in Mexico. 
Removed my $15 International Calling Plan and Added $5 Mexico Plan Online, Message Came, and I first put the Phone in Airplane Mode and Restart the Mobile. After Restart, I turn off the Airplane Mode and enable the data with Data Roaming On and 😀WHOA😍..... I can see the LTE+ Option in the Network data. it's 4G Speed(32.8 Mbps download and 1.38 Mbps Upload), Checked in Speed test.



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I came to Mexico again on 30th July 2023. it was already recharged with a $5 Mexico Data Plan. 8 Days, it worked with 5G Data, and last 2 Days it Stopped. I called T Mobile Pre-paid Customer Care and they checked everything and asked me to Select the Telcel Network Manually and It started working again.