• 2 October 2023
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I just spent five hours jumping through hoops to get a rebate that can only be used online. I have no use for an online rebate it will not allow me to convert the rebate to cash in anyway and the manager of the local T-Mobile store had an attitude with me while I was in there on the phone with customer service because three of them were helping one family and ignoring me. On top of that my Wi-Fi at home is constantly going in and out and I can't get anyone on the phone with customer service to save my life. I added my rebate card to Apple Pay and surprise! It was declined. I will be finding a new phone company and Internet company as soon as humanly possible. Please avoid T-Mobile and less you want to be ripped off and lied to.

3 replies

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Tmobile changed their rebate policy 9-7-23 where you need to select the Black card option to use the card as normal.


I wasn't given an option. Now I have a fake card linked to my Apple Pay.


update: Add the card to your Venmo, send it to someone and have them send it back and transfer it to another account or just use the venmo card at an ATM.