Traveling to France with Magenta Max and iPhone 13

  • 4 September 2022
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I want to use my iPhone in France for text messaging, web surfing and google maps (I hardly ever make or receive phone calls).   When I land in France, will my iPhone and plan just continue to work or do I need to something?  I want to confirm what I read.  My understanding is that with Magenta Max, phone calls in and out will be $0.25 per minute, text messaging and data are free, but at much slower network speeds.   Is this accurate or do I need to buy an international plan?       

1 reply

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I would say that you don’t really need to buy a Data Pass. They are nice to have, particularly if you like to stream videos or participate in Zoom meetings. With Magenta Max you get 5 GB of high-speed data before it slows to 256 kbps. That’s more than I normally use in a month. You can always buy a Data Pass from the T-Mobile app, if you find you need one. Your iPhone 13 is an ideal phone for international travel.