Did anyone else switch to T-Mobile and regret it?

  • 9 February 2024
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I was sold on T-Mobile in the store.  I thought I was going to get 4 lines for about 150-160 a month.  I was supposed to get a 200 gift card for making the switch which could only be used at t-mobile but they said I could just use it to pay my bill for a month.  I’d get free Netflix. And the coverage map showed my home in the deepest pink available so I would be all set for coverage.

I never got my gift card.  I still haven’t paid less that 220 in a month.  The coverage is awful.  The Netflix they gave was some broken down version with ads and some of the library missing.  Every single thing about T-Mobile has felt like a bait and switch.  I’m 3 months in and every time I think of T-Mobile I want to cry because I feel like a fool for going to this carrier.

Does it ever get better?  

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