t-Mobile blocking policies and procedures

  • 9 June 2023
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I am getting ready to dump a horrible, like the worst, just picture every evil and mean boyfriend in every single Adam Sandler movie that every single female lead didn’t realize was horrible, had been weirdly conditioned to think it was normal to be treated like garbage and didn’t know she deserved better, anyways my question today is about whether or not T-Mobile provides any automatic reply or some thing similar to phone numbers that are blocked on a different carrier… For example, this guy has Verizon and I am really really hoping that when he tries to call me or text me he will get an auto reply that states“the number you have called or texted is no longer receiving messages from… “. I decided to ghost my way out of our relationship and I just really want him to know that I took control of the end of our time together and kind of drastically cut him out of my life and made it so he is no longer allowed to hurt me via telephone. I am sorry, long dramatic night. I just don’t want him to get nothing and reply because he’s just gonna think I am mad and ignoring him for a while but still reading his messages and stuff and I want him to know that he doesn’t get to contact me more and he’s not allowed to  be any part of my life or use my phone number. I’m sorry, I’m tired and overly dramatic. Thank you 

1 reply

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As far as I know, the call will go straight to your voicemail and texts will be filed under blocked or not delivered depending on your messaging app.  Have you considered changing your number?