Team Cozy, Team Wonderland, or Team Sunshine

  • 18 December 2023
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Team Cozy, Team Wonderland, or Team Sunshine
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Hey there!

As the holiday season twinkles into our lives, we've got a fun, frosty debate that's hotter than your favorite seasonal latte: When it comes to using your phone during the holidays, are you Team Cozy Indoors, Team Winter Wonderland, or Team Seeking Sunshine?

Team Cozy Indoors You're the champion of the warm glow of your phone screen against the soft light of the fireplace. Your idea of a perfect holiday evening is curled up in a blanket fortress, streaming your favorite holiday movies and ordering gifts online with just one click. Your phone is your portal to a winter wonderland while you enjoy the comfort of your couch. If this sounds like you, drop a 🔥 in the comments!

Team Winter Wonderland You're all about capturing the sparkle of snowflakes on your camera and sharing frosty selfies with your friends and family. Your phone is your trusty companion as you brave the cold to capture the perfect holiday light display or the smoothest ice-skating video. If you're out and about, making the most of your phone's capabilities in the great outdoors, let us see a ⛄in the comments!

Team Seeking Sunshine You prefer clear skies and warm weather. Your phone is your traveling companion, so you stay connected to loved ones while you have your toes in the sand and warm rays on your face. If you would rather be building sandcastles than snowmen, show us a 🌞in the comments!

Let's get the conversation going!

Photo Challenge: Whether you're Team Cozy, Team Wonderland, or Team Sunshine, share your best holiday-themed photo taken with your phone. Let's see those filters and photography skills!

App Duel: What's the one app that gets you through the holiday season? Is it a shopping list organizer for the planners or a weather app for the adventurers?

Battery Life Hacks: Share your top tips for keeping your phone alive while you're on the go or lounging at home.

Holiday Playlist: What tunes are you streaming this season? Drop your best holiday playlist, and let's see the variety of festive music!

Comment below, share your thoughts and tips. And remember, no matter which side you're on, keep those phones charged and those connections strong!


Happy Holidays and Happy Posting!

4 replies

Team Cozy Indoors here! Nothing beats the warmth of holiday movies and online shopping from the comfort of my blanket fort.  As for my go-to app, it's a festive playlist for the ultimate holiday vibes. Charging hack: a portable power bank is my holiday essential. Let the cozy celebrations begin.

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I am totally cozy indoors. I am not good in the cold at all and prefer to cuddle up in blankets and relax. There are a few events that can get me to go out in the cold for extended periods of time. Our city sets up a really cool light display and we like to take the tiny humans. The dinosaurs are always the favorites 😃 I am not the best photographer, but here is my little enjoying the giant dinosaur made out of Christmas lights. 

My battery life hack is to have a charger in every room. I really like the retractable chargers that have three chargers on one end. That way anyone can charge if they need to. 



Team Cozy embraces warmth and comfort, creating a snug haven. Team Wonderland explores the magic and whimsy of life's enchanting moments. Team Sunshine radiates positivity and brightness, spreading joy wherever it goes. Each choice reflects a unique approach to life—cozy, wonder-filled, or sun-kissed. Which team resonates with your spirit?