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  • 5 April 2020
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When is Tmobile going to release a 5G home internet service? I have tried their LTE home internet service, but discontinued it. I am very interested in trying again with 5G speeds.


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5G Home Internet is currently only available in selected areas with 5G cellular service on the T-Mobile network.

My area has 5G service. I need to know how to get 5G home internet though.

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Our home internet equipment is 4G capable so you'd be able to take advantage of that LTE connection.

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I ordered T-Mobile's 5G Home Internet to test it out.

It worked for about 45 minutes.

To begin with, the Bluetooth-based setup didn't work at ALL, so I had to do the setup manually - which as a CHORE. And I'm pretty tech saavy. Then the Wi-Fi stopped working. The SSIDs completely disappeared. I couldnt’ connect for beans.

So I used the Ethernet ports to access the UI and got it working again. Then the Ethernet ports stopped working - completely. Both of them.

Then the Wi-Fi stopped working - again. And the reset button never worked at any point after taking it out of the box.

This thing is a total Finnish piece of crap. 

I’ve been on HOLD with the WORST hold music in the WORLD for almost two hours now. 

This has been the single worst purchase and customer service experience I’ve ever had with T-Mobile. WHen I finally get through to someone I just want to send this back and to port my service over to Verizon. 

What an utter disaster. 

Verizon sucks just as bad. I have both. 


It's the mindset of the Carriers today. Lying their off and knowing that they each suck will cause people to either stay or come back. 


Sad to run a company like that instead of addressing the problems of what is keeping them from being an outstanding company. 


Corporate greed.